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1. Teacher teach skills and parents teach values :- Children must understand first that the teachers develop skills in them and try refine them according to their talents. So that they can show their talent and get help to successful in future. At the same time, they have to understand the value of the  parents, because of which they can learn skill and value. Therefore, the importance of knowledge of the teacher must first be understood and  they have to respect their  parents. Because their parents help in all the circumstances, give knowledge of right and wrong and Upbringing them.



2. Try to understand anything instead of cramming :- For children, it is very important that they do not try to cramming. cramming keeps things remember but for a short time. Therefore, it is very important to understand the things for remember long time. So that wherever there is a need it can be remembered and the child can success in doing it well. Therefore, children should try to understand books instead of  trying to cramming.



3. Try to understand the importance of education : - It is very important for children to know what is education and why it is important. So that they understood that the importance of education is not just to earn a job or earn money rather to understand the importance of things with them, understanding any language and also for the development of personality, as  physically, mentally prepare, helps to understand any thing easily, differentiate between right and wrong things and helping in  know the value, ideals and beliefs of your life.Educations are important for children so that they can learn to make decisions by choosing the right and wrong according to time conditions and sources.



4. What to do to learn and understand any thing well :- It is most important for the children that they understand the subject well or not  that they are reading.It is necessary to have a brain power and concentration in children to know it. Only then can children learn and understand any thing well. With this, if the communication skill, behavior and character are good then they will not face any difficulty in understanding and explaining anything.



5. How to keep physically fit yourself and why :- It is very important for everyone to be healthy. Because we know that until we are not physically fit then mentally we will not be able to work properly. Therefore, it is very important for students to be aware about  their health. For this, it is very important for the student to take care of small things like proper  sleep, healthy food and exercise regularly, wear clean clothes, nail cutting etc. Avoid fast food as much as you can.keep your body clean. Try to keep healthy yourself so that diseases can be avoided.



6. Why make your behavior good for everyone :- Behavior is such a thing that due to its poorness, many  problem have to face. Therefore it is very important for the students to try to make their behaviour good for their parents, teachers and friends.Because of quarrels and abusive language will gradually increase these habits and in the coming time it will be harmful to you that's why well behavior is very important for every student because behavior is for whole life whether it is at home, at school or in any family celebration.The way the children behave, also affect their work. If behavior is not good then children have to face problems everywhere.



7. Why share your problem with your parents and teachers without hesitation :- We often see that the children live in stress or look disturbed.The reason for this is that they may have any problem or any other mistake that can not be said due to fear. Because of which children make many mistakes. So instead of hiding your problem, tell your parents, teachers and friends without hesitation and find their solutions. We know that every problem is soluble, not to hide them, increase the problems of yourself and take yourself  into the stress so share and find their solutions instead of hiding your problem.



8. Identify your talent and try to build a career :- As we all know, every child is special. Everyone has some talent and it is just need to take out the talent in which he can make a career. Whether it is in any field in which he can give 100%  with happiness and perform well. So that they build thier career and can live happy life.



9. How  to prepare for your career in your interest field : - In which field you can work better, previously there were only two source, first is books and second  teachers but today's time has many sources like diffrent website on internet,coaching, online prepation, youtube, social media etc. It is not only help in the prepation of your field of interest but also a great medium to show your telent with it. In which you can show your skills and make yourself successful at the right time.



10.  Make yourself a player in the field you choose :- Just as we want to grow a small tree, a student can prepare himself from a young age. This is why we are telling you that because of today's so much competition, you have to become a player of your field. Whether it is a field of government job where  different-different compitition examination happens or a private sector. Apart from these, there are many fields where a career can be created, such as acting, painting or sport. In every field  you have to decide from a young age to make yourself  a perfect player so that you can make yourself successful in any fields according to your wishes.



11. Advantage and dis-advantage of technology and how to use it correctly :- Correct use of Technology  in today's time will have to explain to students because  the advantage of today's digital media is as much as  showing your skills, getting you the right knowledge and helping you to build your career as well as try to take you in the wrong direction also. All this depends on the development of your brain properly and use it correctly.


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