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Did You Know?


  1. 80 percent of vanilla flavoured food (including the ice cream and essence) is made artificially, because natural vanilla beans are very expensive.
  2. Kangaroos cannot walk backwards.
  3. The lighter was invented long back before the matchbox and matchsticks are invented.
  4. Lipsticks are not vegan cosmetics! More than 95 percent of lipsticks contain fish scales.
  5. Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates clockwise, whereas all other planets rotate anti-clock wise.
  6. Rabbits and parrots can see what is behind them without turning their heads.
  7. Australia is the only continent in the world that has no volcanoes.
  8. Hands and feet have more than half of the bones in the human body.
  9. There is no expiry date to honey! The edible food remains good forever.
  10. Just like humans fingerprints, Dogs nose prints are unique, and it can be used to identify the identity of dogs.
  11. Have you ever put an apple into the water and noticed the apple float? Yes, apples float on water. It is because apples are made of 25 percent air!
  12. The human eye has the ability to identify and differentiate over 10 million colours.
  13. Albert Einstein’s eyes are preserved in a safe in New York.
  14. You cannot talk and inhale or vice versa. When you speak, you will not be able to inhale.
  15. The inventor of telephone, Alexander Graham Bell never made a call to his wife or mother. Why? They both were deaf.
  16. The number of fake flamingos in the world is almost double of real flamingos.
  17. Banana is actually a berry, but Strawberry is not.
  18. Penguins give a pebble as a token of expressing their love.
  19. We have a pool of bacterium stored in our body? Every adult human being contains around 10 pounds of bacteria in the body.
  20. The ants never sleep.
  21. Butterflies have two eyes, which contain thousand lenses! Surprisingly, they can see only red, yellow and green colours.
  22. Have you ever seen an elephant jump? Elephants cannot jump! In addition, it is the only mammal that cannot jump.
  23. You cannot fold a paper (it may be any size, any length or width) more than seven times.
  24. Don’t you love to drink fresh water? Glaciers store about 75 percent of fresh water in the world.
  25. Did you know often thirst is mistaken as hunger and many of us tend to eat something, which makes people fat.
  26. Petrol is the most traded product in the world.
  27. The speed of reading is 25% slower than a book? Yes, you cannot read faster when compared to reading from the paper.
  28. You eat hot or cold food, the food is either cooled or warmed in the mouth before it is moved to the digestive tract.
  29. The Planet Mars appear red? The planet is covered with rust.
  30. There is a vital organ in the body that never grows from birth until death! It remains the same size. It’s our eyes. Alternatively, hair and nails grow even after death.
  31. Did you know the size of the SUN? It can literally hold around 1.3 million earths.
  32. One acre of hemp provides more quantity of papers than one acre of trees.
  33. The butterfly was originally called as FLUTTERBY.
  34. The animal whose length of the tongue is double the length of its body is the CHAMELEON.
  35. You have a favourite song; the song is your favourite because it is linked with an emotionally pleasant event in your life.
  36. More than 90 percent of waste materials in the ocean are PLASTIC. Reduce usage of plastic to save environment.
  37. We all know that the camels are called SHIPS OF THE DESERT, as it can survive for days without water. Did you know that rats are more powerful than camels and can survive without water longer than a camel?
  38. You share your goals with others; there are 50 percent chances that you may not achieve it. Sharing the goals and objectives reduces the motivation, says the studies about motivation.
  39. Elephants are the largest land animals, but are 30 times smaller than a blue whale.
  40. The beautiful little baby dolphins are accompanied by their respective mothers for a period of 3 years from birth.
  41. There is a lake that is beautiful bright pink in Australia. Yes, a lake in pink colour and it is called Lake Hillier. Unfortunately, until now scientists cannot figure out the reason why it is pink in colour.

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