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1. Fire-

Fire is most important discovery in the world. Fire is very important for anything like cooking and steam engine. Without fire nothing can work and without of help of it. The discovery of fire was an accident. When some person rubbed two stones against each other than heat was produced due to friction. This heat gave rise to fire in the dry hay, and marked one of the most crucial discoveries ever made by human beings. After that fire was used to cooked food. As well as time spend people know all use of fire. Fire was discovered about 125,000 years ago. Those men who discover the fire called cave men.


                                                                       school-chalao-first fire image1




Wheel invention is also very important. That invention was not an accident. Wheel invention made everyone life easy. This was another invention of cave men. They use wheel to carried good to one place to another. After used wheel their life becomes very easy. Now transport of good easy for them.  In 3500BC cave men discovered the wheel and in 3200BC they used wheel for transport.


                                                                      school-chalao-firstwheel image1



3. Electricity-

As we electricity is most important thing in our life. We have to salute to Sir Thomas Alva Edison. One day he thinks to fly a kite in the stormy weather. And he did this. They fly a kite with a metallic key attached to one end of the thread. Those thread he hold in his hand. As soon as the electric current from the clouds stroked the kite, the current started flowing and as he touched the key, he felt an electric current passing through his body, as his feet touched the ground, giving the effect of Earthling. This was the first invention of electricity. After that we were able to discover other electronic think.


                                                                      school-chalao-electricity image1



4. Telephone-

Telephone invention were changed our life completely. We know very well how much telephone is use full in our life. Sir Alexander Graham Bell was the person who invents firstly telephone. He joining two cups with the help of thread at their bottom ends. Now one person take one cup and speak from cup and one other person take other cup and listen from second cup. This is the base of all the telephone companies nowadays. Sir Graham Bell changed the way of talk.  The first call by telephone made on 10 March, 1876.


                                                                       school-chalao-first television image1



5. Paper and Pen-

We know very well the importance of paper and pen. We can find people of Pyramids drawing on walls. This is the way of conveying messages to other. As early as 3000BC, the Egyptians used reed brushes or pens to produce hieroglyphic and hieratic writings on papyrus scrolls.  After that the uses of paper were developed. In 4000 BC, the Egyptians invented the first substance like paper called papyrus. That was a woven mat of reeds, pounded together into a hard, thin sheet.


                                                                        school-chalao-first paper image1



6. Light Bulb-

The first electrify bulb was invasion in 1800 by English inventor, Humphry Davy. Now bulbs are very important for humans. Humans can’t services without light. Humphry Davy experimented with electricity and invented an electric battery. When he connected wires to his battery and a piece of carbon, the carbon glowed, producing light. 


                                                                            school-chalao- light bulb image1



7. Steam Engine-

The invention of steam engine has very important role in the environment.  Firstly this came idea to make steam engine in James Watt’s mind. He put too many efforts to complete this important invention. The engine we see today is a progression of the steam engine, using the same way of steam engine.


                                                                              school-chalao-steam engein image1



8. Airplane-

Firstly Mr. Wright Brothers were got idea to make airplane. They give his design to Leonardo da Vinci who was a great artist. Leonardo da Vinci designs an airplane that called “Mona Lisa”. That design couldn’t be developed, because of its design. That’s why that design couldn’t be developed, so he didn’t come in much limelight. In 1903, Wright Brothers were success to make first successful airplane.


                                                                           school-chalao-first airplane image1



9. Cotton Gin-

Clothes are very necessary for humans. These clothes are made from cotton and silk. These cotton are grows on plants. After grows cotton the next step is weaving. After weaving cotton convert into the cotton cloth. But the first process that it goes through is separation of cotton seeds from the fluffy cotton. A long time ago people separation by his hand and that takes too much time. Hand separation was a reason of less production. So that time feel need of cotton gin machine. In 1793, Mr. Eli Whitney (American inventor) was made first Cotton Gin and in 1794 he patented it.  


                                                                         school-chalao-cotten gin image1



10. Money-

We knows very well use or importance of money in society. Transport of good was very heard before invention of money. Invention of money makes easy to transport. In 3000BCE, the Sumerians were one of the first societies who used money to make easy his life. Money helps to ease of commerce and exchanging of goods, replacing the barter system.  After that money developed as a very important thing in society.


                                                                         school-chalao-money image1





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