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Adding Slide Notes PowerPoint

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Slides notes can be very useful tools for presentation. These notes are not displayed on the screen in the Slide Show mode, but the presenter can see them so they can prepare well to present the slides. Depending on your printing settings, you can also print out the slide notes along with the slides.

This chapter will show you how to add slide notes to an existing presentation.

Step (1): To locate the slide notes set the view in Normal mode


                                                                school-chalao-note in powerpoint image1


Step (2): Slide Notes section is indicated by the "Click to add notes".


                                                                  school-chalao-note in powerpoint image2


Step (3): You can click on the top border and drag the section to increase its size to make it easier to type.


                                                                school-chalao-note powerpoint image3


Step (4): Type your text in this section as slide notes.


                                                                 school-chalao-note in powerpoint image4


You can only use bullets, numbering and alignment functions in the Slide Notes section. All other functions can be selected, but will apply to the selected slide, not the notes.

Slide notes can be printed from the print menu under Backstage view. From the print layout options select Notes Pages or 3 Slides. Notes Pages will print a single slide with the slide notes below it. The 3 Slides will print all three slides with notes on the right side.


                                                                 school-chalao-note in powerpoint image5


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