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What is Personality

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Personality is about our different ways of human beings. Different people have a different character or behavior that’s called personality.




Personality is all about our different ways of being human. Personality is the sum of all physical, mental and emotional attitudes, values, interest and motivational factors. Personality determines one’s success in life and career.

In brief it can be said:

     - Personality is not related to bodily structure alone. It includes both structure and dynamics.

     - Personality is an indivisible unit.

     - Personality is neither good nor bad.

     - Every personality is unique.

     - Personality refers to persistent qualities of the individual. It expresses consistency and regularity.

     - Personality is acquired.

     - Personality is influenced by social interaction. It is defined in terms of behavior.

     - Personality is the sum of ideas, attitude and values of a person which determines his role in society.


What makes a good personality?

- Self-confidence

- Positive thinking

- Learning form failures

- Self-reliance

- Optimistic

- Selfless service.

-Be Loyal and honest

-Try to look good

- Control your fears and worries

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