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Habits of Good Student

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1. They are always present in class

habits of a good studentGood students never miss their class as they want to learn something new every single day. They are interested in class and because of that interest they always come to school on time. They never get late except there is some problem with them. When they come daily, they never miss a lecture and it helps them to get marks in the class.



2. They use internet in study

Top students are always close to their teachers and they ask questions to them if they are not able to understand anything, but when they are not in class or not with the teacher then they try to find the solution of that problem through internet and they try search engines i.e. google, yahoo etc. It helps them to find out easy answers of that question. They don’t wait for the next meeting with teacher. When they meet to their teachers next time they discuss about answers which they have got from internet.


3. They take short breaks during study

Our brain is a machine and it needs rest too. Top students also do this. They don’t study for a long time continuously, they take short brakes during study time. They take a short break after a fix time, i.e. they study for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes brake. With the help of this they feel fresh during study and they learn things quickly and easily. Which help them to score high in exams.


4. They are well uniformed

Good students always wear their uniform when coming to school. It shows their discipline as well as their quality. They don’t come to school wearing other dresses. They wear other dresses on a function of school or in fancy dress competition. They make sure that they don’t get their uniform dirty when playing outdoor games. They always keep their uniform neat and clean.



6. They make notes for study

They don’t read from the books during exams, they use a highlighter and they highlight the words which they don’t understand and they ask about it to their teachers and after understanding that they make short notes about every subject. With the help of this, they don’t need to read book in exam time, they study the notes which they have made in their own language. They understand the notes easily and do well in the exams.


7. They try to understand the lecture

They don’t just sit in the class, they focus on teacher that what is he trying to say and try to understand that. It makes them different than average students. They don’t get bored while sitting in the class because learning is their favorite hobby. If they don’t get something then they ask to their teacher in the class. If teacher does some spelling mistakes on the board they are likely to catch that and tell to teacher. Which make them top student.



8.They don’t complain about teacher

A good student can get best out of his teacher, they don’t complain that our teacher is not teaching us properly and all. If a student wants to learn then teacher will definitely teach him. They go to teacher and ask something which they are not able to understand. Students should know that teacher can’t read their brains. Teacher doesn’t know that students are able understand the lecture or not. If they will ask the teacher then they will answer them.


9. They try to play and learn

Top students do things differently. They don’t play games in computers. They play outdoor games which are good for their health or they play games which will help them in their study. i.e. vocabulary builders etc. because of these games their vocabulary becomes strong. Which help them to be the top student of the class. They mix their study in the games.



10. They take a healthy diet

Healthy diet makes a healthy brain. Top students always take healthy diet which makes them sharp minded. They drink milk and protein shakes to be fit. Without a proper diet no one can focus on study. Our body needs nutrients, their diet provides them all nutrients and vitamins.


11.They wake up early in the morning and do physical exercise

Early to bed and early to rise keeps a student smart and wise. Good student always wake up early and do some light exercise which helps them to keep their blood circulation good. With the help of good blood circulation, brain works fast. And a faster working brain helps a student to be a topper.


12. They never think about failure

Students should know that “Only a failure thinks about failure” Top students never do this. They plan to win, follow the plan and become a winner. They never think that they can’t do something. They always think that I can do this and they try their best to learn that thing. They focus on that how they can win, they don’t think for a single time that they will get failed in anything.


13. They have helping in nature

Good students are kind, they try to help weak students and when they teach them, they again repeat the thing which they have already learnt. With the help of this it becomes a revision for them and they remember it for a long time and never forget it. In the exams it helps them and they get good marks.




14. They follow good manners

Top students have good manners. They know how to behave when going to someone’s house. They never ask their parents for the work which they can do themselves. They keep their desk clean and they clean their shoes. They know how to eat on table, not to waste food. They never use any bad words to anyone. They don’t like to be friends with bad students.




15.They love to share

Good students love to share what they have, like food, toffees etc. They are not like some bad students who start crying when someone takes away his toffee or favorite football. Whatever they have they share it with their friends and their classmates. With the help this, their communication becomes better. And they become a good communicator too.



16. They ask questions to teachers and don’t keep doubts

When top students are in class, they ask questions to teachers when they are not able to get anything. They don’t sit like other students who are waiting just for the period to get over. Good students never keep doubts and confusions about their study. Which help them to score higher marks than others. They like to clear the concepts.


17. They respect their elder and love younger

It’s a quality of nice students that they respect their elders and love younger which make them popular and everybody likes them. They touch the feel of their elders whenever they see them. They love to share their toys and toffees with their younger. They respect their parents and obey them. In future it helps them to be a good citizen.


18. They are Active & Creative, not lazy



Top students always love to do something new, they are never satisfied from what they have. They look for something new every time. They make paintings, learn music instruments, take part in different kind of competitions. They like to do extra curricular activites which make them smart and active. With the help of that they can focus better on study and get good marks.



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