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What Is Painting


Painting is a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (support base). Painting is a medium through which many people find that their emotions and thoughts can shine through. No previous experience is necessary and if you have ever taken an art class, even if it was finger painting in elementary school, then you have had an introduction to painting. To paint, you will need to choose the best type of paint for your purposes, as well as brushes and other supplies, before familiarizing yourself with the proper way to mix colors, apply artistic principles, and create your work of art. You will probably need some practice before you can paint a masterpiece, but it does not take much to get started.


There are different types of painting styles but modern style of painting is the most sought after technique.

Oil Painting                                                                 Watercolor Painting              

Pastel Painting                                                            Acrylic Painting

Sand Painting                                                              Digital Painting                      

Ink Painting                                                                 Hot wax painting

Spray Painting


There are many different types of painting styles.

Portrait Painting                                                       Landscape Painting                

Hyper Realistic Painting                                           Illusion Painting         

Surreal Painting                                                       Salvador Dali Painting  

Pop Out Painting                                                     Body Painting                         

Face Painting                                                          Lip Art

Eye Makeup                                                           Speed Painting                       

Fantasy Artwork                                                      Wall Mural Painting

Street Art Work                                                       Wall Painting                         

3D Painting                                                             Indian Painting

Chinese Painting


Weapon of Painting


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