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Type of business:  Public

Type of Site: News and social network service

Founded: March 21, 2006; 10 years ago

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.

Area served: Worldwide

Founder(s): Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams

CEO: Jack Dorsey

Launched: July 15, 2006

About in Twitter

Post an online news and community networking service Twitter users and messages, "tweets," 140 characters is limited to where the conversation. Registered users can post a tweet, but only those who can read them unregistered. Users of your website interface, SMS or via a mobile device application, use Twitter. Twitter Inc., San Francisco, California, USA-based, and more than 25 offices around the world. March 2006 Twitter Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams has created and launched in July, under which the service gained popularity around the world was swift. In 2012, more than 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day, and the service handled an average of 1.6 billion search queries per day. In 2013, it was one of the ten most visited websites and as "Internet SMS" has been described. As of March 2016, Twitter and more than 310 million monthly active users, 2016 was the day of the US presidential election, Twitter at 10 am (Eastern Time) that day to send 40 million tweets, Breaking News proved to be the largest source.

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What is twitter?

 Twitter about what is happening right now in the world is the place to find out. Whether you are interested in music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, or everyday moments on Twitter Come and see what's going on now to join.

Understanding Twitter Features

While Twitter is not the most complex social networks, there are some features and functions you need to know about. Here is where we have to run through the basics. A glossary but still much more than just a starting point. We use these to find out and come up with some other creative ways to encourage.

1. Tweets

 They and you are updating your 140 character posts. You will also notice that each of you would ever have a collection. Both you and your tweets of other users' Tweets can see.

Scanning through other user's recent Tweets on what they spend their time and what they will give you a good sense of value.

2.   Notifications

 Including a list of activities related to your Twitter account mentions public lists, latest followers, retweets, favorites, and additions.

     See who is listening to what you say. Say hi, acknowledge them, and keep them in mind when you are deciding relevant content for your followers.

3. Messages

 This is a direct message to your inbox. Direct messages are 140 characters long and Twitter users who are following to your account can be sent privately. Think of them as private tweets.

     This is a great way to follow up with someone if they have a question or concern about your company that you do not have the whole world is watching.

4. Following

    This is the list of Twitter users you follow. Follow on another user's profile, click on the subscribe button is a bit like. Every time they tweet, you'll see it in your feed.

     Find influential people in your industry and keep an eye on what they say.When you follow them, they might be interested in following you too.When the monitor, they also may be interested in following.


It shows that you like tweet. Tweets like a small heart icon.

     Tweets like a great way to acknowledge another user's message. It also is a great way to get noticed by potential followers. You prefer your tweets constantly, they'll notice and you may be interested in learning more about.


  The people who follow you list. While everyone to find your tweets are public, his followers will see your tweets in your feed.

     This is your basic Twitter audience. They want what they see you, they have to engage and you will spread your message and brand.


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History of twitter

Creation and initial reaction

Twitter's origins lie in a "daylong brainstorming session" held by board members of the podcasting company Odeo. Jack Dorsey, then an undergraduate student at New York University, introduced the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group. The original project code name for the service was twttr, an idea that Williams later ascribed to Noah Glass, inspired by Flickr and the five-character length of American SMS short codes. The decision was also partly due to the fact that domain was already in use, and it was six months after the launch of twttr that the crew purchased the domain and changed the name of the service to Twitter.[22] The developers initially considered "10958" as a short code, but later changed it to "40404" for "ease of use and memorability".Work on the project started on March 21, 2006, when Dorsey published the first Twitter message at 9:50 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST): "just setting up my twttr".Dorsey has explained the origin of the "Twitter" title.


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The company is has experienced rapid initial growth. 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007 to 100 million tweets posted per quarter in 2008 to rise in February 2010, 50 million Tweets per day, Twitter users were sending. [36] As of March 2010, the company recorded over 70,000 registered applications went on. [37] As of June 2010, about 65 million Twitter sent per second were posted each day, equaling about 750 Tweets. [38] As of March 2011, about 140 million tweets that are posted daily. [39] noted on Twitter, the social networking site up the third highest ranking twenty-second in January 2009 moved from its previous rank.


We Chief Executive Officer, Dorsey saw the startup through rounds OF TWO Bee venture capital funding were Kpitlists Who Backed Company. [108] October's sixteen, in 2008, [109] were over Williams bluntly ROLE OF CEO, and Dorsey were Excluded Bekme board chairman. [110] S October four, 2010, Williams Annaunsda cradling my habitat Us CEO stepping down. Dick Kostlo, Formerly Twitter Men's Chief Operating Officer, CEO shoddy. S October four, 2010, Williams made the company and exclusive announcements Saing wattle O Will Stay with "s Bay Completely Focused Product Strategy".


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