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Insert Data and Select Data

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For inserting data in MS Excel, just activate the cell type text or number and press enter or Navigation keys.


Inserting Formula

For inserting formula in MS Excel go to the formula bar, enter the formula and then press enter or navigation key. See the screen-shot below to understand it.


                                                                 school-chalao-insert image2


Modifying Cell Content

For modifying the cell content just activate the cell, enter a new value and then press enter or navigation key to see the changes. See the screen-shot below to understand it.


Select with Mouse

Drag the mouse over the data you want to select. It will select those cells as shown below.


Select with Special

If you want to select specific region, select any cell in that region. Pressing F5 will show the below dialogue box.

Click on Special button to see the below dialogue box. Select current region from the radio buttons. Click on ok to see the current region selected.

As you can see in the below screen, the data is selected for the current region.


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