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Solution Of Land Degradation


Strip farming:

It is a practice in which cultivated crops are sown in alternative strips to prevent water movement.


Conservation tillage:

Proper tillage mechanisms hold as one of the most sustainable ways of avoiding soil quality decline. This is otherwise known as conservation tillage, which means tillage mechanisms targeted at making very minimal changes to the soil’s natural condition and at the same time improving the soil’s productivity.


Ridge and Furrow Formation:

Soil erosion is one of the factors responsible for lad degradation. It can be prevented by formation of ridge and furrow during irrigation which lessens run off.


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Land reclamation:

The outcomes of soil erosion and quality decline are widely irreversible. Still, soil organic matter and plant nutrients can be replenished. To restore the lost soil mineral matter and organic content, it would require what is known as land reclamation. Land reclamation encompasses activities centered towards restoring the previous organic matter and soil’s vital minerals. This may include activities such as the addition of plant residues to degraded soils and improving range management.


Contour Farming:

This type of farming is usually practiced across the hill side and is useful in collecting and diverting the run off to avoid erosion.


Crop Rotation:

It is one of the agricultural practice in which different crops are grown in same area following a rotation system which helps in replenishment of the soil.


Construction of Dams:

This usually checked or reduces the velocity of run off so that soil support vegetation.


Reducing deforestation:

Avoiding deforestation completely is an uphill task. However, deforestation can be cut down and this can create an impressive way of reshaping and restoring forests and vegetation cover. As populations grow, individuals can be sensitized and educated regarding sustainable forest management and reforestation efforts. Also, preserving the integrity of guarded areas can significantly reduce demonstration.


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