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Konkani Language

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Introduction of Konkani Language

Konkani language belongs to Indo European family languages and it is the Indo Aryan language which is widely spoken on the west coast of India. Moreover it is considered as the official language of the Indian state of Goa and also minority language in northern Kerala and Karnataka. It is also consider as a member of southern Indo Aryan Group. Furthermore this language is known by various names such as, gamantaki, gaoni, bramana and canarim. It is even referred as Lingua canarim by Portuguese. In earlier times all the European authors identifies two languages in Goa which are the Plebian and the lingua canarim. These languages were used for writing and also in religious purposes.

As Goa is a major trade centre and is commonly visited by number of Turks and Arabs from ancient times therefore it has created many Arabic and Persian words. These words therefore form an integral part of the Konkani language and thus is used in day to day life. At a very little part, Konkani language has Portugal influence. The religious terms and all the contexts in religious terminology adapt the Portugal influence.



Konkani, as a language, flourished in Goa. The Konkani language was developed primarily in Gomantak, now Goa in the Konkan region. There are two theories regarding the origin of Konkani. One says that the Brahmins, who lived along the banks of the Saraswati River, must have migrated to Gomantak during the period when seismic activity in the Himalayas made the river run underground around 1900 BCE. Their own dialect of Shauraseni Prakrit, over the time evolved into modern Konkani. Another theory states that Konkani is a Sanskritised version of a language spoken by the Kokna tribe and the Aryans who came to the Konkan picked up the language and added various Sanskrit words.



The literature and history of Goa is represented in Konkani language. Numerous books, novels and poems were written in Konkani language. Shamaraja was the first writer who was known for writing scripts in Konkani language. Even many mythological and grammar books were written in Konkani language.



A very high number of dialects can be seen in Konkani language. Its tree structure can be classified according to caste, religion, region and local tongue. Many speakers are based on historical and cultural aspects. It is further divided into three groups that are:-

Northern Konkani: - It includes dialects in Ratnagri district.

Central Konkani: - It includes dialects in Goa and Northern Karnataka.

Southern Konkani: - It includes dialects in the Canara region of Karnataka


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