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Rajendra Prasad

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Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born on 3 December 1884 in Ziradei, Siwan, and Bihar. His father name is Mahadev Sahai. His mother name was Kamleshwari Dev. He was the youngest kid of the family. He got married with Rajvanshi Devi. He had a child. His name was Mrityunjaya Prasad. Dr. Rajendra Prasad received the BHARAT RATAN.

He is a very intelligent student. He received his education from Moulavi. He is a Muslim; he taught him basic knowledge about Hindi, Maths and Persian. After that he joined the Chapra District School and T.K. Ghosh's Academy in Patna. After schooling he went to Calcutta for higher education. He received a scholarship at the Presidency College, in science. After that he interested in Arts; so he changed his stream of studies in arts.  In 1907, he did his MA in Economics. He took up the job of a professor of English at the Langat Singh College in Muzaffarpur after completing his education. After some time he was promoted as the principal in same collage.

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He was become the first President of independent India. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the Constitution. He was also a Cabinet Minister Government of independent India.

He was a loyalist to bottom of his heart.  He doesn’t want to live a luxury life. He doesn’t want be a rich man. He consecrated on every think. He knows every think about what happened all round. He saw every think and decided to back off his study and protected his mother land.  At the mid of this an opportunity came. The English Indigo planters of Champaran were oppressing the tenants very much. Mahatma Gandhi went to Bihar advised the tenants to resist oppression non-violently. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was also together with Mahatma Gandhi. He also joined the movement. He back out from his practice in 1921. He dedicated his life wholly to the cause of the country.

For Rajendra Prasad no sacrifice or suffering was too great. He punish by court by sent to lockup. He spent his life’s great part in lockup. After that He became a member of the Cabinet of the Central Government when India was on the way to independence. He was President of the Indian Union after the country’s freedom. He remained in this honourable post for two complete terms. He retired in 1962. He died on February 28, 1963.

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