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Rouf Dance - Jammu & Kashmir

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What is Rouf Dance?

The Rouf is a folk dance form which is mainly practiced by the women folk of the Kashmir valley. There are several folk dance forms which have particularly originated and flourished in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In this beautiful dance form, there are women who line up in two rows facing each other and perform this beautiful dance during the spring time in beautiful costumes.


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The Rouf is a folk dance which originated in the Muslim community of the state of Kashmir in India. The dance originated several years back in order to celebrate the good weather of the spring season and also for the purpose of merriment in the various festivals like Id-ul- Fitr. The dance is being performed by the women in beautiful costumes and in a characteristic music. The dance is simple footwork which is also called Chakri in the local language.


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The Rouf dance is a highly appreciated and acclaimed folk dance form of the Muslim community in the beautiful valley of Kashmir in India. In this form of folk dance, the women who are dressed in colorful costumes make two rows and face each other to dance. The Rouf dance mainly involves the footwork which is also termed as the Chakri in the local language. The dance is usually performed in all auspicious occasions and festivals. Also this dance is particularly practiced in the spring season when the weather is good and the nature is blooming to glory. The dance form is practiced with the help of the mystical poetry which is being sung and the dancers dance to the rhythm of this poetry. During the major festival of the Muslims during the Ramzan month, the streets of Kashmir become pleasant with the help of Rouf songs and dance which are being performed by the Kashmiri women. This dance is also associated with the joy of harvesting. The harvesting season brings a smile to the farmers’ face and they usually celebrate the occasion in a very grand way. There are good food, songs and dances which are being observed in a special manner. Rouf dance in one of the major folk dances which is being showcased by the women of Kashmir belonging to the Muslim community. Kashmir is one of the major tourist destinations of the world and millions of tourists visit the valley every year. This dance form has earned huge appreciation nationally and internationally.


Rouf Dance Videos

Rouf Dance is one of the most famous folk dances of Jammu & Kashmir. Here is the Rouf Dance Video.

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