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Karagattam or Karagam Dance – Tamil Nadu

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What is Karagam Dance?

Karagattam is also known by other name known as Karagam. This ancient dance form is performed in honor and praise of rain goddess Mariamman. In this beautiful folk dance the performers uses a water pot which they balance it on their head nicely. Traditionally this Karagattam dance was done in ways such as the Aatta Karakam which is executed with the decorated pot on the heads and this dance form represents the signs of happiness, entertainment and joy whereas the other one is Sakthi Karakam which is executed only in the temples in favor of religious offerings.


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Karagam is the most well known dance form in Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This dance was initially performed on naiyandi melam accompaniment but now it is executed on folk songs. Moreover in this dance the performers make use of intricate and complicated steps which later on decides how well is the performer. Also this dance is only displayed by the professionals. The new learners have to make many efforts and skills in order to learn this dance art. The body movements and even the arm movements done in this dance make it look more enhanced. Furthermore this dance can be performed by any of the gender either in pairs or individually. Also in this dance many circus acts steps can be seen such as up and down of ladder, dancing on rolling block of wood and the most difficult step of threading the needle while bending backward.


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Karagattam dance is the most intricate dance art which asks for great efficiency and skill. In this dance the performers make use of pots filled with water and balance them on their head. Now days it is seen that the pots are made from bronze ware and stainless steel but where initially women used mud pots more. In addition these pots are ornamented and decorated in various ways. Some make use of attractive flower arrangement where as other put paper parrot which swings along when they dance and this make their performance look prettier. Additionally when this dance art is performed by the men they fill their pots with uncooked rice and even their pots are surrounded by tall conical bamboo frame which is even decorated with various colorful flowers. Recently this dance has gained popularity and is widely seen in many parts of the world.


Karagattam or Karagam Dance Video

Karagattam or Karagam Dance is one of the most famous folk dances of Tamil Nadu. Here is the Karagattam or Karagam Dance Video.



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