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Kamandi Dance – Tamil Nadu

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What is Kamandi Dance?

Kaman Pandigai is also named as Kamandi and this traditional folk dance is performed widely in Tamil Nadu state. Also this dance form depicts the prehistoric events of Lord Shiva when in his anger he flamed Manmada. Lord Shiva is the deity of love and affection therefore in honor of him the people of Tamil Nadu represent this dance form. Moreover in this dance the people get separated in two groups such as Erintha Kathi and Eriyatha Katchi. Also in this dance the dancers usually inhabits two most important characters known as Kaman and Rati. In this dance the rural dancers decorate themselves in most prettiest and colorful attires. They even wore various kinds of jewellery in order to make they look more enhanced and gorgeous.



Kamandi is a magical folk dance form which was initially started in Tamil Nadu state. This dance was performed in honor of Lord Shiva. The God Shiva did this dance form in his anger when he flamed Manmada. Furthermore in rural areas this dance is seen more and it depicts the beautiful historical event of Purans. Also in this dance the dancers must be skilled and efficient enough so that they can do in the same way as god of Love did.



Kamandi dance comprises of two separate characters: Kaman and Rati. Two groups perform this delightful dance revolving around the mythical tale of Shiva and Manmada or Manmatha. The duo is called ‘Erintha katchi’ and ‘Eriyatha katchi’ respectively. One party argues that Manmada or Kamadeva was not vanquished while the other stresses that the god of love was burnt. The main protagonists Kaman and Rati are dressed in gorgeous colorful attire to perform the spectacular dance of Kamandi. The ecstatic movements and style of the dance is a visual treat and the rural dancers perform this dance with much enthusiasm and gusto. The dance is popular event in some urban areas of the state as well where people perform this dance during cultural festivities and events. The colorful villagers and performers showcasing rhythmic movement and alluring music make the dance an exotic extravaganza of the spring season. The dancers stand out with their glittering costumes which they wear during Kamandi performance. The dance is enacted during shows in the state of Tamil Nadu as part of the entertainment.



Beautiful, ornate jewelry and enchanting costume play a very important role in the dance performance as the villagers decorate themselves with colorful attires and shiny ornaments while they debate on issues of Puranic legends enacting the Kamandi dance performance. The dancers exhibit exceptional skill level in order to bring the characters of Kamdeva and Rati come alive as the enactment continues to mesmerize the audience with its colorful depiction of the Puranic stories of ancient times.


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