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Bihu Dance - Assam

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What is Bihu Dance?

Dance forms in India know no boundaries of caste and creed as they depict oneness of the nation. They may have originated in different states of the country but all of them symbolize the joy and liveliness of a certain event. Bihu is a popular folk dance associated with the state of Assam in India and it is performed generally during the Bihu festival. There are primarily three Bihu festivals that are popular in Assam namely Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu and Bhogali Bihu and the Bihu dance is performed during the Rongali Bihu.


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Origin and history

The exact details regarding the birth of Bihu dance is not known although as per the records the first ever Bihu dance was performed when Ahom King Rudra Singha invited the performers to perform Bihu in the year 1694 at Ranghar fields on the merry occasion of Rongali Bihu. Rongali Bihu is the merriest of all the Bihu festivals celebrated across the year in Assam as it marks the beginning of the spring season. This particular festival is celebrated in mid April and both men and women take part in a rhythmic celebration called Bihu. The style of Bihu dance is unique in every sense of the word.


Features of Bihu Dance

The dance is a part of the Bihu festival that starts in mid-April, when harvesting work of farming is over pregnant with the essence, feelings of youth and energy. Songs sung in Bihu are woven around themes of love and often carry erotic overtones with people adorn traditional attires like Dhoti, Gamocha and Chadar, Mekhala. The dance is performed in an open space during daytime. The youths perform this dance accompanied by songs of erotic sentiment, loud beating of the Dhol, soft strains of Pepa made from the buffalo horns and manjira, tokka (bamboo clappers) and many more indigenous musical instruments. Sometimes in between, the performers sometimes sing along with dances. In a course of dancing, the dancers commonly form a circle or parallel rows. The dance has been noted for maintaining authenticity and at the same time displaying the traditional Assamese handlooms and handicrafts in their glory and beauty by the dancers.


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Global influence

The level of popularity of Bihu dance is such that it was performed by a professional dance group at the occasion of London Olympics in the year 2012. Ranjit Gogoi’s professional team of Bihu dancers has performed this traditional dance overseas on many other occasions as well and they are quite popular.


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Bihu Dance Videos

Bihu Dance is one of the most famous folk dances of Assam. Here is the Bihu Dance Videos.


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