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Ram Navami

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The Hindu Festival Ram Navami is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Ram (also Sri Ram Chandra). Ram Navami is a Hindu Traditional festival that falls in the month of Chaitra of Hindu Calendar. The month Chaitra includes days from the months March and April. Ram Navami is observed exactly on the 9t day of bright fortnight of Chaitra. Rama Nawami is celebrated mainly celebrated in Ayodhya, Sita Samahit Sthal, Bhadrachalam and Rameswaram.


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How is it celebrated?

In general a continuous recital of the Ramayana takes place for about a week prior to the day itself.

On the day highlights of the story are in read in the temple, and prayers are recited.

In India, Hindu families clean and decorate their houses.

Fruit and flowers are placed as offerings on the family temple, and after bathing prayers are recited.

Typically the youngest female member of the family leads the prayers, and clasps a red tilak to the foreheads of other family members.

Overall the festival is a joyous event, but it is also used as a time for moral reflexion.


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Celebrate is Ram Navami

In some places it is celebrated for nine days and it is known as Sri Rama Navaratra. It is marked by continuous Display of Akhand Paath mostly of the Ramacharitamanas. It is elaborated with bhajan, aarthi, kirtan and prasad after the puja. Rama is believed to be born in noon, so all the temples are arranged in the traditional way and prayers are done in the morning itself. Special havans along with Vedic chanting of mantras are organized in the temples. Some devotees mark this day by fasting through the day followed by feasting in the evening. In Bhadrachalam this day is celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Rama and Sita. In south India, Kalyanotsavam is celebrated with small Gods of Sita and Rama in their homes and in evening the deity is taken to a parade on the streets. Kalyanam, Panakam and Procession of murtis are the highlights of this festival. Ram Navami is a popular festival in the northern states of our country whereas in Southern India it is celebrated in a different way.  Southern states celebrate Ram Navami as the wedding of god Rama with Sita and call it Sitarama Kalyanam.


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