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Kumbh Mela

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The Kumbh Mela is a unique feature of the religious fervour of the Hindus. The Kumbh Mela in India attracts more people than any other holy gathering in the world. It reflects the collective urge of the Hindus. It represents an permanent trust in spiritual values. This holy festival is a congregation of God fearing people. When people attend this festival they seem to forget all distinctions of caste, creed, language or region. If anyone wants to see unity in diversity. The Kumbh Mela has a legendary background.

A Great Kumbh Mela festival is held every 144 years at Prayag; the 2001 festival attracted some 60 million people. Partner at the Kumbh Mela come from all sections of Hindu religious life.


Where is Kumbh Mela Celebrated?

1. Haridwar in Uttarakhand where the holy Ganga River enters the plains from the mighty Himalayas.

2. The sacred Prayag (confluence) in Allahabad of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati

3. On the banks of Ksipra River at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

4. On the banks of Godavari River at Nasik in Madhya Pradesh


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How celebration is kumbh mela:

The Kumbh Mela is celebrated every twelve years, and people from every area crowd to the place for a dip in the holy rivers. This year, in 2001, people have celebrated the Maha Kumbh which has come after 144 years, and this is the reason for the magnitude and Importance of the celebration.

People of all walks of life, men, women and children, old and young, from India and even from abroad, have come to see the spectacle and enjoy the dip in the holy waters. The spot is to be seen to be believed, as there is a sea of humanity wherever, and as far as the eye can see.


Significance of Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is not just a mere festivity like Diwali and Holi, but holds lot of importance for people in India. People look up to Kumbh Mela with highest regard, as this event gives them a golden chance to liberate themselves from the miseries and sufferings of life. It enables them to take a holy dip in the holy water and wash away all the sins they have committed in the past. People come from different parts of the country to be a part of this sacred ceremony. It is believed that taking a holy dip in water paves way for attainment of Moksha.


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Rituals Performed at the Kumbh Mela

The main ritual performed at that Kumbh Mela is the ritual bath. Hindus believe that Submerged themselves in the holy waters on the most auspicious day of the new moon will absolve them and their ancestors of sin, thus ending the cycle of rebirth. Pilgrims start lining up to bathe from around 3 a.m. on this day.

As the sun comes up, the different groups of sadhus move in procession towards the river to bathe. The Nagas specially lead, while each group tries to outdo the others with more grandeur and fanfare. The moment is magical, and everyone is absorbed in it.

After bathing, the pilgrims wear fresh clothes and proceed to worship by the river bank. They then walk around listening to discourses from the various sadhus.


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