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Cheti Chand

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Cheti Chand is an important festival celebrated by Sindhi people of India. Yet date of Cheti Chand is decided based on Hindu calendar. According to Hindu calendar, Cheti Chand is celebrated on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. Most of the times, it is celebrated one day after Ugadi and Gudi Padwa.

It is the day when the New Moon becomes visible after no moon day. Due to the first appearance of the moon during the Cheti month, this day is known as Cheti Chand.

It is believed that on this auspicious day, Ishtadeva Uderolal also known as Jhulelal was born. Jhulelal – the patron saint of the Sindhi community and water God were born during the 10th century and hence this day is considered auspicious. People worship water on this day as it symbol the elixir of life.


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How celebrate is Cheti Chand

Sindis celebrate this day and offer prayers to river God to protect them from forced conversion. According to Legendary stories it is believed that River God also promised them that the divine child will be born in Nasarpur to save everyone from the danger. And that divine child is Saint Jhulelal.

Also they take kalash and a coconut which is covered with a cloth, few flowers and leaves. Few Sindhis take Baharana Sahib to river and perform ritual along with a statue of Pujya Jhulelal. During the ritual, devotee is not allowed to enjoy their luxuries which include no shave or no purchase of any new thing; they do not use soap or oil. In the evening, devotees worship Lord Varun and praise him to seek his blessings. They also offer prayers to attend salvation and after performing forty days long ritual of Chaaliho, the devotees celebrate the festival as ‘Thanks Giving Day’, which is quite famous.

Sindhi family’s fairs held on the auspicious day and Sindhi special mouthwatering recipes are prepared on this day. And people enjoy, sing and dance by attending community meetings to celebrate the festival. We are out there to please everyone want teal moon.


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