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Introduction of Sherwani

A coat like garment, worn by men, fitted close to the body, of knee-length or longer and opening in front with button-fastenings. Below the men wear a garment for the lower part of the body, baggy and wide at the top tied with a string at the waist, and tight around the legs and ankles. It is a very elegant dress for the men and mostly worn during ceremonies. Many Indian men wear sherwanis for their weddings. This sherwani is known as bridal sherwani. Bridal sherwani is made of silk and has delicate embroidery.

Sherwani is a long coat like attire worn by men, over a Kurta and Churidar, Pajama or Shalwar, quite similar to Achkan or Doublet. Regal clothing inspired by the fascinating stories of the Mughals and nobles of ancient times is a form of clothing which till this day has the same regal effect that has been presented since its creation.


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Origin and History

Originally, it was a creative combination of the Shalwar Kameez and the British frock coat. Initially, it was only donned by the Indian royals and noble kings and was their basic attire which showcased wealth and prosperity through the decorative embellishments that adorned the beautiful garment. Somewhere around the late 18th century, it was taken on as a dressing style by various people regardless of their social standing.

It was also a popular form of attire during the Aligarh movement, which took place before Indian independence since several students and teachers wore this attire. Following this, several Indian and Pakistani leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah also donned the Sherwani and made it an intrinsic part of their wardrobe.


Style & Variety

A Sherwani is quite similar to the Achkan in its overall look. It is a knee-length garment which is worn over a Kurta and is close fitted. It has several buttons that run down in the front and is worn in collaboration with a Churidar or a Salwar. The look is incomplete without a pair of Juttis (ethnic Indian shoes) which gives the entire ensemble a more regal and sophisticated touch.

It comes in various fabrics and embellishments, major ones are woven in Silk. However, with its global recognition and demand, Sherwani is now designed in cotton, brocade and jacquard too.

The colors range from magnetic corals and reds to mysterious and captivating blacks and dark greens. Even off white or creamy colors with Gold embroidery are now taking over the fashion runways. It has become essential wedding attire for men, due to its stylish and comforting features.


Wearing the Attire

A Sherwani is an Indian groom’s first pick since it exhibits a regal and majestic aura, something that any young man would want to feel on his wedding day. However, it does not have to be limited to weddings alone, and can also make a spectacular style statement for any formal event that would require anyone to dress immaculately.


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