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Kurta Pyjama

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Introduction of Kurta Pyjama

Kurta is a long comfortable garment, worn with a set of Pajamas, generally accompanied by embroidery. An Informal way of dressing in India, but can also be formal depending on the design. Available in variety of cuts and colors.

The Kurta or the top is a knee length collarless shirt, which is adorned, in mostly white or pastel colors. Kurta, which was at one point of time, the clothing of rural men is ruling urban men too. Indian men kurta has been gaining popularity and finding place in festivities. Men are also diverting towards man-embroidered kurta. Silk kurta for men once considered attire for kings and princes is also finding its place in men's wardrobes. In the contemporary times, trendy silk khadi kurtas are leading the fashion. Men can wear these fashionable designer kurtas along with a pair of jeans. It's comfortable and looks chic. It is fashionable to wear a short kurta also known as kurti with embroidery on jeans.


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Style & Variety

Ethnic designs are coming with a makeover. Old traditional kurta has been given new innovative styling and cuts. There is a blast in the men fashion industry. Fusion concept is embellishing men where Indian designing and western styling are coming to take your heart away. Indian models catwalk on the ramps showing glimpses of rich craftsmanship. Designer kurtas can be teamed with tight fitting churidar salwar or loose fit pyjama. But if you desire to give your wardrobe an urban touch, then the best is to don it with a pair of funky jeans.

Kurtas come up in distinctive exquisite varieties. Festive occasion kurta consists of fabulous crystal adornments. But for the daily wear purpose, simple styling is given. It is only during special occasions, that you wish to dress up in more sparkling clothes but I'm sure for weekend freaky purpose you would not like to attire gaudy stuff, as it would look out of place. Cotton kurtas are apt for the purpose as they look stylish and trendy and at the same time contain simple delicate motif that go well for the evening walk or other casual purposes. Cotton, silk and khadi are gaining popularity in the kurta section.

Another Indian men's attire catching attention is the three piece kurta pajama and a vest coat

In a three piece men's wear, an embroidered kurta and a churidar or a salwar is worn and on the kurta a vest coat or a long coat is worn. The long coat looks elegant with embroidery on it. The three piece traditional Indian men's wear can be accompanied with a stole.


Wearing Pajama

Pajamas are not only a comfortable and popular nightwear, but they are also a popular loungewear as well. Hence, a Pajama can be a part of fashionable casual day wear attire. It also depends on what mood that you’re holding for the day!

The girl’s pyjamas could be worn with some cool spaghetti or laser top or a Knee-length Kurti, clubbed along colorful flipflops. The men Pajamas can be worn with Nagra.


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Present Day Scenario

The Pajamas have undergone many changes since its earlier days of being an Indian loose bottom wear that was tightened in place with drawstrings. The modern day Pajamas, though derived from the traditional Pajamas, are nevertheless quite different. Now you have many styles of Pajamas in different fabrics, designs, cuts and embellishments.


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