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Bibi Ka Maqbara (Maharashtra)

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Biwi ka Maqbara is a tomb that stands in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It was built by Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb, in 1678. He made that in Aurangzeb wife’s memory Dilras Banu Begum. She knew as Rabia-ud-Daurani. Aurangabad doesn’t have any interested in architecture but he had built the small and classic Pearl Mosque at Delhi. It is the largest complex that he had to his credit. This is also called the Dakkhani Taj. This is the leading monument of Aurangabad and its historic city.

This Maqbra built be between 1651 and 1661 C.E. The cost of this construction is 7, 00,000 rupees in current currency. The marble for this mausoleum was brought from mines near Jaipur. According to Tavernier, around three hundred carts laden with marble, drawn by at least 12 oxen, were seen by him during his journey from Surat to Golconda. The mausoleum was intended to rival the Taj Mahal, but the decline in architecture and proportions of the structure had resulted in a poor copy of the latter.

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The mausoleum is stands at the centre of a huge enclosure measuring approximately 458 m. N-S X 275 m. E-W.  The high enclosure wall is crenellated with pointed arched recesses and bastions at regular intervals. The mausoleum is built on a high square platform with four minarets at its corners, which is approached by a flight of steps from the three sides. A mosque is found to the west of the main structure, a later addition by the Nizam of Hyderabad, resulting in closure of the west entrance. Entry to the monument is through a main entrance door on its south, which has foliage drawing on brass plate on wood covering from the exterior. After passing through the entrance a small tank is provided and a low profile screen wall leads to the main structure. The screened pathway has a series of fountains at its centre. The monument is in the form of a hexagon, its angles ornamented with minaret. Bibi-ka-maqbara was built in 1660 by prince Azam Shah in the memory of his mother, Dilras Banu Begam. In 1720, Nizam-ul-Mulk Asif Jah, a distinguished General of Aurangzeb with the intention of founding his own dynasty in the Deccan, arrived at Aurangabad and made it his capital.

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