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Learning Point

Part-C After school


1. Go to sport practice, Girl Guides, Army Cadets, Chess Club, theater group, martial arts club or any other after school activities you take part in.  After play you feel relax. You play good and interesting games which give you some knowladge.

                                                                school-chalao-part3 afterschool image1  

2. You have to fix a time for do homework and your study that time no one can disturb you for any things. Do your homework and study with concentration. Do your work yourself with parents.

                                                                       school-chalao-part3 afterschool image2

3. Eat sacks- When you come back home you feel some hungry so eat a healthy sacks. After eating some healthy sacks you get energy to do your activities.

                                                                               school-chalao-part3 afterschool image3

4. Have a dinner- Wash your hands and eat a healthy dinner with your all family member. During the dinner turn off the TV and mobile phones, set the table, pour glasses of milk and get the conversation going.

                                                                   school-chalao-part3 afterschool image4

5. Do any chores you have been set. Like help your elders, Youngers, your mother in kitchen etc.

                                                                       school-chalao-part3 afterschool image5

6. Get ready for bed- Brush your teeth and don't forget to brush your tongue and floss your teeth. After that, splash your face with cold water and blot your face with a towel to dry your face.

                                                                       school-chalao-part3 afterschool image6

7. Lay out your outfit for the next day-Plan according to the weather, which can be checked the evening before’.

                                                                         school-chalao-part3 afterschool image7

8. Get dressed into your pyjamas. A good time to go to bed is nine or ten at night for some school-age children, but earlier is always better. Children and teens need at least 8 hours of sleep if not more. Plan when you go to sleep according to when you have to wake up.

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