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healthy living


Healthy living is a happy living. A healthy person will work more efficiently than others. A healthy person is always cheerful and happy. Healthy people make a nation strong and powerful.

Personal Hygiene:-

                        Its means practices involving cleanliness and hygiene. Keep your body and surroundings clean. It is a sure way to stay healthy. Dirt gives birth to germs which cause diseases. You should take care to keep your body clean by bathing every day. A hasty bath often leaves an unclean body. While you are bathing, use an antibacterial soap. First thing in the morning is to brush the teeth. Never swallow your toothpaste. Always keep your hair and nails short and clean. Wearing clean clothes is necessary for maintaining well healthy, especially in summer, you should wear washed cloths every day. It is a good practice to carry a handkerchief with you and use it when required.


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               Healthy and clean food has nutrition which gives our body the strength to diseases. They help us to grow well and prevent us from falling ill. Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods but they too can harm us if not washed properly before eating.

              Cooking food should be kept covered prior to consumption. Eating food from open stalls is unhealthy as it may be contaminated with germs which are carried by flies.

              Ice creams, candies and chocolates are good, only when taken in small quantities. Similarly, fried foods should also be avoided because the oil in them makes us fat and lazy. The food prepared by your mother is the best for you. She takes every care to give you clean and healthy food.


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Good habits:-

                 Good health depends a great deal on good habits of a person. Some of the simple habits that you mast try to from in order to be healthy that you must try to from in order to be healthy are as follows.

* Wake up early in the morning.

* Exercise daily. Jogging, sports and outdoor activates give you a good workout to stay fit.

* Avoid late nights. Staying up late makes you feel lazy the next day because of lack of sleep.

* Keep yourself busy. Idling will make you lazy, unhealthy and unhappy.

A happy child is a healthy child; besides, nobody likes a sulking child.


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Good thinking:-

                 Good thoughts clear our mind and make it healthy. Just us sweet and grime make our body dirty, our mind become unhealthy by evil thoughts. When we try to harm others or think of doing anything bad, our mind gets dirty. It makes us agitated which may result in the loss of health. On the other hand, good thoughts make us feel peaceful and compassionate towards one and all have a healthy effect. Reading good books, especially, the life of great men has a good effect on mind. Praying to god is one of the most important ways of clearing your mind.


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