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Prithviraj Chauhan

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Name- Prithviraj Chauhan

DOB- 1149 CE


Known as- King of Delhi and Ajmer

Father- Someshvara

Mother- Kamala Devi

Death- 1192 CE


About Prithviraj Chauhan –


Prithviraj Chauhan was the king of Chahamana (Chauhan) dynasty. He ruled on Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan (present day) and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Early in his career, Prithviraj achieved military successes against several neighbouring Hindu kingdoms, most notably against the Chandela king Paramardi. He was a Rajput king and he ruled in 12 century. He also had known as Rai Pithora.


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Prithviraj Chauhan was born in 1166 CE in Gujarat. He lived in Gujarat with his father Someshvara, mother Kamala Devi and his younger brother Hariraja. In Gujarat his father was brought up at the Chalukya court by his maternal relatives. Prithviraj Chauhan had known 6 languages. Prithviraj Chauhan ‘Raso saind that Prithviraj Chauhan became well-versed in a number of subjects, including history, mathematics, medicine, military, painting, philosophy and theology.  He was very intelligent child who have sharp military skills. When he was a young boy he could accurately hit targets only on the basis of its sounds. In 1179, his father was died during a battle. When Prithviraj Chauhan was became next king. He ruled twice capital (Delhi and Ajmer).   As the king he set out on several campaigns to expand his territories and became well-known as a valiant and courageous warrior.

He fights many battle in his life and win. One of his battles was First battle of Taarain. Muhammad Ghori covered the fortress of Bhatinda in East Punjab, leaving a garrison of 1200 men, which was located on the frontier of Prithiviraj Chauhan's domains. That Prithviraj went Bhatinda and fight with Ghori at Taarain. In this battle Prithviraj Chauhan was won. But Ghori wants to win that’s why he came again with his 120000 men in 1192CE. That battle is called second battler of Taarain. That time Prithviraj had about 300000 men and 3000 elephants, Ghori attacked with very good planed. He attacked from 5 sides early in the mornig. Chauhan attempted to escape but was captured. The Rajput army broke ranks and fled, thereby conceding victory to Ghori. Chauhan was put to death.


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His love story with Samyukta is very famous. This love story is includes in Prithviraj Raso. Samyukta was daughter of Prithviraj’s enemy, Jaichand. On Prithviraj life’s a book is written which called Prithviraj Raso.  

Muhammad Ghori killed Prithviraj with his friend Chand Bardai during the second battle of Taarain in 1192. Prithviraj killed by Muhammad Ghori ‘s bodyguard.

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