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Maharana Udai Singh

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Name- Rana Udai Singh II

DOB- 4 August 1522 (Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Known as- Rana of Mewar

Father- Rana Singh (Maharana Sangram Singh)

Mother- Maharani Karnavati Hada (Chauhan)

Death- 28 February 1572


About Maharana Udai Singh-


Maharana Udai Singh was the founder of Udaipur.  Udai Singh was ruled on Mewar dynasty for 53 years. He was born on 4 August 1522 in Chittor. Udai Singh was forth son of Maharana Sangram Singh and Maharani Karnavati. Udai Singh’s uncle Banbir wants to kill all children of Sangram Singh. So Sangram singh sent Udai singh to Bundi for his safety. Banbir killed all brother of Udai Singh in 1537. He tried to kill Udai Singh also. But Udai Singh’s dhaye ma Panna Dai safe his life and sacrificed her own son (Chandan). He was crowned in Kumbhalgarh by the nobles of Mewar. He got married with maharani Jaivantabai. This marriage was first marriage of Udai Singh and she was mother of Udai Singh’s first child Maharana Pratap. Maharana Udai Singh had 22 wives and over 56 sons and 22 daughters.


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He gave hideout to Baz Bahadur of Malwa in 1562. Akbar uses this as an excuse and he attacked on Mewar in October 1563. Akbar formed his camp near Chittor on 23 October 1567. Udai Singh called a council of war. The nobles advised him to take refuge along with the princes in the hills, leaving a garrison at Chittor. Udai singh gave responsibility of Cittorgarh to his faithful and loyal chieftains Rao Jaimal and Patta. Akbar and Maharana Udai Singh were fight almost one year. On 25 February 1568 after long siege Akbar captured Chittor. After that Akbar made Udaipur his capital.

Maharana Udai Singh was bold and brave from his childhood. He had more interested in sports and learning to wield weapons rather than general education. At last Maharana Udai Singh was died in 1572 in Gogunda.  Before his death, Jagmal tried to seize the throne but the nobles of Mewar prevented Jagmal from succeeding and placed Maharana Pratap Singh on the throne on 1 March 1572.


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