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How to Treat a Cat Bite


Cleaning Minor Bites at Home:-

  • Inspect the bite and look for areas where the skin may have been broken.
  • A child may be crying and scared, even if the bite did not break the skin.
  • Thoroughly wash the bite with soap and clean tap water, allowing the water to flow over the bite and remove dirt and bacteria from the wound. Hold the bite under running water for several minutes.
  • Gently squeeze the bite to help the blood flow. This will help remove dirt and bacteria from the inside of the wound.
  • Disinfect the wound to prevent bacteria or other pathogens from growing. Put the disinfectant on a sterile cotton ball and then gently wipe it over the bite.
  • Triple antibiotic creams are widely available and effective. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  •   Probably be able to cover it with an over-the-counter adhesive Band Aid.


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Seek Medical Care for Severe Bites:-

  • Go to the doctor if your bite is too serious for you to care for it adequately. This bite are on the face, have deep puncture wounds from the cat’s fangs, bleed a lot and won’t stop, have damaged tissue that needs to be removed, are on joints, ligaments, or tendons.
  • Discuss your treatment options with your doctor close wounds to stop bleeding, remove dead tissue to prevent infection, do X-rays to assess damage to joints, recommend reconstructive surgery if you have severe damage or risk of scars.
  • Take antibiotics if your doctor prescribes them. This can help reduce your chances of getting an infection. They are frequently prescribed for severe cat bites, particularly for people who are have weakened immune systems from conditions like diabetes or HIV or are undergoing chemotherapy.


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Preventing Cat Bites:-

  • Most cat bites occur when cats feel that they have to defend themselves.
  • Be gentle to pet cats.
  • Avoid interacting with stray cats. Strays often live in cities or towns, but they may not be used to close contact with humans.


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