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Class 12th CBSE 2016 Physics Paper Set 3


Class-12th CBSE
Subject-Physics Set 3

Here is some questions:-

1. Define ‘quality factor’ of resonance in series LCR circuit. What is its SI unit ?
1. Explain the terms (i) Attenuation and (ii) Demodulation used in Communication System.
1. A charge is distributed uniformly over a ring of radius ‘a’. Obtain an expression for the electric intensity E at a point on the axis of the ring. Hence show that for points at large distances from the ring, it behaves like a point charge.
1. Meeta’s father was driving her to the school. At the traffic signal she noticed that each traffic light was made of many tiny lights instead of a single bulb..........
Answer the following questions based on above information :
 (i) What were the values displayed by Meeta and her father ?
1. (i) Write the function of a transformer. State its principle of working with the help of a diagram. Mention various energy losses in this device.

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Download School chalao physicss cbse 2016 set 3.pdf


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