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Class 10th CBSE 2016 Mathematics Paper Set 1

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Class-10th CBSE
Subject-Mathematics Set 1

Here is some questions:-
Section A  

1. Find the 9th term from the end (towards the first term) of the A.P. 5, 9, 13, ....., 185.
Section B
1. Find the ratio in which y-axis divides the line segment joining the points A(5, -6) and B( -1, -4). Also find the coordinates of the point of division.
Section C
1. If the sum of first 7 terms of an A.P. is 49 and that of its first 17 terms is 289, find the sum of first n terms of the A.P.
Section D
1. Prove that the lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.

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