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Class 10th CBSE 2014 Science Paper Set 1

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Class-10th CBSE
Subject-Science Set 1

Here is some questions:-

1. Write the number of vertical columns in the orden periodic table. what are there columns called?
2. List four advantages of vegetative propagation.
1. When yo add about 2mL of acetic acid to a test tude containing an equal amount of distilled water and leave the test tube to settle after shaking its contents, then after about 5 minites what will you observe in the test tube:
(A) A white precipitate settling at its bottom,
(B) A clear colourless solution,
(C) A layer of water over the layer of acetic acid, or
(D) A leyer of acetic acid over the layer of water.

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Download School chalao science cbse 2014 set 1.pdf


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