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Class 10th CBSE 2014 English Language Paper Set 3

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Class-10th CBSE
Subject-English Language Set 3

Here is some questions:-
Section-A (Reading)

1. Read the passage given below and complete the statements that follow choosing the most appropriate options from those given below:
Cheraw is the most colousful Mizo dance. Bamboos are used in this dance. Hence the dancer moves by stepping alternatively and out from between and.......
Section-B (Writing)
1. You are Anmol/ Anamika, living away from home, for the first time in life, in a boarding school in Gwalior (M.P.). Write a letter to your mother...........
Section-C (Grammer)
1. Do as directed:
(a)Did you forgive his rudness? (Change the voice)
Section-D (Literature + Value based Question)
1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Don't excite yourself, my precious one. Allow me. your Guess certainly has his good point. He's purebred, firm on his feet,....................
(a)Who is the speaker here? Who is he speaking to?

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Download School chalao english language cbse 2014 set 3.pdf


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