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Class 10th CBSE 2014 English Communicative Paper Set 2

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Class-10th CBSE
Subject-English Communicative Set 2

Here is some questions:-
Section-A (Reading)

1. Read the passage given below:
In the summer of 1967, when i was 10 year old, my father caved into my persistent pleas and took me to get my own dog........
(a)The dog farm was run by............ .
Section-B (Writing)
1. You are Karan, a student of 10th. You have been distracted from your studies and have not performed well in S.A.I. Write a diary.........
Section-C (Literature)
1. Complete the paragraphgiven below by filling in each of the blanks with one word only with the help of options that follow:
He is first to (a) ..................
Section-D (Literature + Value based Question)
1. Read the extract given below and answer briefly the questions that follow :
".........its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive,........
(a)What do "lifeless things" refer to?

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Download School chalao english communicative cbse 2014 set 2.pdf


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