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How to reduce your stress

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Positive thinking and affirmation decrease your tension

"Think positive!" or "Look on the bright side" this is one of the best approach Positive thinking can reduce your stress level, help you feel better about yourself (and the situation) and improve your overall well-being and positive thinking and really helpful to reduce your tension level. When something doesn’t go in a right way then don’t lose the hope.

Positive affirmations are a great tool to reprogram your unconscious mind from negative thinking to positive. The idea is to see clearly what step you would like to take in that situation where you are surrounded by so many negative thoughts.

It’s beneficial to look honestly at your shortcomings, so you can work on them because when you are focusing on your strength can never hurt. Always remember that any failure can be a learning experience, and an important step toward your next success! So make yourself be positive in every situation.



Always Eat Healthy Diet

You would amaze to know this, but your diet can boost your brain power. A healthy diet isn’t generally thought of as a stress management technique or a study aid, it can actually function as both. It takes virtually no extra time and keeps you away from a stressful life. So please always eat a healthy diet.


Avoid over-scheduling/Proper planning of activities

Having a structured schedule can help keep students focused and on track, but taking too much workload can become a source of stress and anxiety. Please do proper planning for every work just like between times spent in class, completing homework, and extracurricular activities. This downtime gives you a chance to relax, de-stress, and recharge.


Make time for family and friends

Another way to make sure that you manage your schedule in this manner, so you can spend some time with friends and family. This might be your family dinner time together every night. This can also be an opportunity to tell your family how your school is going and if you have any issues regarding your studies, life due to which you are feeling stressed you can also talk about that. This is definitely reduced your stress level.


Reframe negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can have a big impact on your brain whose result comes out in the form of increased stress levels and negativity, breaking such type of thoughts is not easy. Instead of thinking about how stressful a project or assignment is, try to think how you can make these situations less stressful. This might include breaking a task into smaller chunks or creating a schedule. This will be really helpful to enhance the confidence and reduce the stress pressure on you.


Talk to the teacher or school counselor

If you are facing the high level of stress, talk to your teacher, parents, your loved ones, it will definitely help you to decrease your stress level. If you are still facing that problem consult with your teacher or meet with a counselor. Please tell them about the situation clearly, so they will be able to identify what is causing stress and create a plan of action to tackle those issues.




Spend less time on technology decrease stress

If you spend more than seven hours a day on any technology that might be a reason to increase your stress level. So please try to put limits on tech time and try to spend more time with your family which helps in relieving your stress and provides a relaxation to your mind.


Breathing exercise relieve stress

When your body is experiencing a stress response, your efficiency of thinking is getting low, you’re often not thinking as clearly as you could be. A quick way to calm down your stress issue is to breathing exercises. Please do these breathing exercises, this can be done anywhere to relieve stress in minutes, and are especially effective for reducing anxiety before or even during tests, as well as during other times when a level of stress is extremely high.


Power Nap help in reducing stress

Power nap is really beneficial for all the students to reduce the stress level. Due to your packed schedules, you are facing many problems like sleep-deprivation, headache and many more. Unfortunately, working in this state puts you at a distinct disadvantage. You’re less productive, you may find it more difficult to learn, and it will also effect on your work productivity and efficiency. Less sleep causes some unwanted issues like Judgment, Vision, Information processing, short-term memory, performance.

Please take a small power nap between your works it will really help in giving your better performance in every field. You are surprised by knowing this fact these 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon provides more rest than 20 minutes more sleep in the morning reduce your stress level.


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