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How to Reduce the Stress of Children

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At the present time, having a stress in children is a big problem, because the brain of the children are not so developed that they can understand any kind of stress or to do any kind of problem solution because of which, they have to face many problems in life, such as not taking care of studies, staying behind in sports, disobeying someone, or behaving unfairly. Here are some points to discuss, if children follow them, then they can remain stress free or they may be able to help overcome the stress.



1. Positive thinking :-

Those who think like anything ,are slowly starting to talk about the same kind. If children pay attention to negative things then they will gradually become negative. Therefore, children's thinking  should be in  positive direction because if children retain their thinking in positive direction, they can take out solutions for their problem. If children keep negative thoughts then they are found to be making excuse for avoiding problems. Any kind  of problems can be solved. It is not necessary to make an excuse for that because by making excuses, the problems  increases, which directly affects our mind and the stress level goes up. Therefore, children should always keep their thinking in a positive direction so that they can remain stress free.




2. Proper planing of work :-

proper planing of work plays a most important role in children's life to overcome their stress because the child begins with his studies.When they properly  planed to  do any work, the possibility  of the finish work on time of  that work increases by 80 to 90%. If the proper planing of work  not implemented then  work does not finish on time.Due to which their things start getting worse and most of  their brain part damage and they go into stress. Therefore, children should make a proper plan before doing any work.



3. Talk to family,friends and teachers :-

Very often, many children live in a calm nature, they are surrounded by some kind of problem because the problems comes in the learning stage also. Children who do not share their problems with their parents and teachers or their friends, they slowly move into the stress and a considerable amount of their brain goes towards the negative side.Instead, children who share their school related or family related problems with their parents and teachers, they have a solution to their problems and reason that caused them to stress was over. Therefore, children should share their every problem so that they can keep themselves free of stress.



4. Reframe negative thought :-

Negative thinking is something that eliminates children before any work begins. Children's brain does not develop as much. Whenever they do any work, there are two ideas in their mind that the work will finish on time or the work will not finish on time. Children who think that this work will finish on time, their ability to work increases and the possiblity of finish that work on  time increases up to 40%. If the children who think that the work will completed on time  then most part  of brain  damaged gradually and their stress level increases therefore it is very important for children to keep away negative thinking and  do any work well with positive thinking, so that they can remain stress free.



5. Limit techology :-

Today's time is the era of technology. Technology is a very good thing, but it is for those children whose brain develops. The mind of all children is not so developed that they can understand the technology well or go to a right direction because when children constantly use technology their brain works in a limited area and while working in the limited area, the ability to understand and thinking works on the  one task only. By which, their brain is not developed properly and does not choose a right direction, due to which the stress increases in them and their lot of things start getting worse. Therefore, children should learn how to use technology properly or try to avoid it as much as possible. Because of the much use of technology, there is a great bad impact on the things related to  sports  and study which increases the stress  of children. That's why children should limit the use of technology.



6. Sleeping and power nap :-

The way we need to rest after doing physical work, our brain also needs to be refreshed. Children need to sleep. If children do not sleep properly. All the work of their day gets pended and then they will increase their stress in a hurry to do those pending work. Therefore, it is important for children to complete their sleep.Sleep should be 6-8 hours otherwise In the day they can take power nap, means refresh yourself by taking a nap of 10-15 minutes, Thereby, they will be very helpful in getting stress free.



These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, then it is very important, in such a way, in this way children can be kept away from stress.


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