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How to Increase Self-Confidence

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Self Confidence means to believe in himself, who does not trust himself, that person can not successful at any place. It is very important to be self-confident for successful. If we believe in ourselves that we can do this work, then we will surely fulfill it. If it is already in the mind that I do not know whether this work will be done by me or not. No matter how much effort you make, you will never be able to start that work  and  even if you get started in compulsion, then you will never get success.Self confidence is a courage that makes us able to live in society and in this world. Here is our courage and self-confidence that inspires us to live in negative situations too. All areas required confidence.Whether it is the area of education or the problem of troubles in your life, if you do any work by trust yourself  with patience  then its results will be good. Our confidence tells us that..

"रात भर का मेहमा अंधेरा,

किसके रोके रुका है सवेरा"


1. Learn to trust yourself and use your mind :-

First of all, it is necessary for the children to believe in themselves that they can do any work. Things related to that work continue  runing in their mind,by which the ability of children to work develops and they try to do that work better and do their work properly. By which children's confidence in themselves increases. Now instead of the children who do not believe in themselves, then they do not do any work by mind. They will begin to feel boring and they will not be able to keep their full focus on that work because of which they will not be able to work well and then their self-turst will start to end which will lead to a decrease in self confidence.



2. Keep your thinking positive :-

Children should always try to keep their thinking in favor of positive thoughts because such thinking makes developing children the ability to think correctly and  work properly. It is necessary to think about  attempts to cure any problem in any area, due to which the children get good results, which increases their self-confidence.But when the negative thought run in the mind of the children, they make the thinking before doing any work that the work will not be done by them.Because of that, they does not try to do that work well so that neither works nor gets good results due to which the belief in yourself will start decreasing. So we should have positive thoughts.


school-chalao-confidence0007. image

3. Personality enhances  self confidence :-

Whenever children talk to someone, keep in mind that while talking keep smiling on face, talk to each other with eye contact and keep your body language right. These things are helpful in boosting your confidence. Instead when the children talk to someone without standing in a right way, with no smile or eye contact so they find themselves less capable of doing any work.Because of which self-confidence goes down gradually.When speak with someone talk with positive words and ttitudes so that your self confidence can be improved.

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4. Determine your goal and end it on time :-

When a child chooses a goal for himself, then he should try to finish it on time. By doing so, they try to do things  in a positive way. They put all his hard work and cleverness in  the goal they want to get. Thereby, they also get good results in that work and even finish it on time. They will start believing themselves. If a child is want to bring good marks in paper, then he prepares for that paper with full dedication and hard work then there are good marks in that paper.Children who do not set their goals and end up on time, such children neither get results of work nor marks.Because when the goal is not set, they will not know how to prepare for it. That is why children's confidence in themselves starts decreasing. So set your goal and do hard work according that.

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5. Fight your fears and try to overcome it :-

Many times we see that many children give place to fear in their minds.Whether it is a fear of  study or to speak in front of someone in the class room or to speak in front of someone.This type of all fear  scared till the children do not do it.Because 90% of the fears are hypothetical in the world. Therefore, whatever such fears are not good for the children and gradually reduce the confidence of the children. Practice gradually to cure such things and to control such fears as, if speaking in front of your family member at your house or by keeping your words in front of your friends, the children who have become scared of  fear will end and they will start believing that there is nothing to fear.

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6. Always think about the positive outcome :-

This is the biggest problem for the children that when they study or do any work, they start thinking about result that it will be positive or negative . Children who think of positive outcomes, they do their studies with honesty and focus.So their result is also positive because those who try hard at best never lose and the children who think about negative outcomes, they take the work related to their studies lightly. Because of which, their focus is not remain one place and results are also not good, so whenever children do any work, always think about the positive outcome.

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These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, then it is very important, in such a way,  they can  Increase Self-Confidence


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