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How to improve your general knowledge

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Reading Newspaper and magazine

Made reading is your habit really helps to enhance your knowledge level. Newspapers are great sources of local, regional, national, and worldly news. Some are better than others, but newspapers offer reasonably updated information on politics, sports, fashion, food, and a diversity of other interests. Please try to involve reading the newspaper in one of your morning habits. A newspaper delivered to your doorstep before you wake up, giving you few excuses to use it as a valuable resource in your pursuit of knowledge. Reading newspaper and magazine is just not only increase your knowledge level but also enhance your reading skills.

The journal also increases your knowledge level.

Journals are really beneficial for you because it typically provides academic research that is longer than magazine articles and uses extensive citations. A journal contains very specific information about one particular discipline. Compared to books, newspapers, and magazines, journals are more difficult to access and are more expensive, but provide more detailed and proven information. If you prefer the academic nature of a journal, then join a society that you are interested in like history, biology, or sociology. These societies fund journals and send them to members who are interested in the same fields of knowledge. This is really important if you really want to enhance your knowledge.

 Socialize with friends, colleagues, and professionals.

The more people you come into contact with, the higher possibility to engage in intelligent and informative conversations where you can gain additional knowledge. Since people enjoy informative yet casual conversations on interesting topics, we tend to retain this knowledge better. Cultivate friendships with intelligent, educated, and experienced people. These friendships will produce stimulating conversations on a variety of topics exposing you to new ideas, perspectives, and understandings. Try to arrange any get together once a week and discuss anything new you learned or talk about current affairs.


Search engines are really a good approach to enhance your knowledge.

If you utilize Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so it enables you to find an answer to any question within seconds. Routinely use these internet sites to discover current news, trends, and topics of interests. Many of these search engines are one-stop shops for information. Not only can you search for current affairs with up-to-date information, you can also find out about entertainment, fashion, sports, and what is popularly trending on the internet. If you using these search engines, this will definitely help you to increase your knowledge.


Play Geography related Games

Please play those games which are really beneficial for increasing your general knowledge. You can play a quick series game it means you are saying one country name and your friend follow it up with another country/city starting from the last letter of the previous place. For an example: India - Angola - Andhra Pradesh – Honolulu. This is really a good approach to brush up your knowledge of geography. You can also play some other games to sharpen geography skills are board games like ‘Ticket to Ride' where you race against countries and the good old ‘Name Place Animal Thing' that we used to play as kids.

Visit new places increases your knowledge.

If you want to know more about Rich culture and history then please visit any historical place or any museum. This is one of the easy and best ways to enhance your general knowledge. Travelling offers an opportunity to explore different lifestyles, values, languages, etc. that people practice and nurture. It gives you an opportunity to discuss heed to new viewpoints and ideas. You even get an opportunity to appreciate the rich architecture of the monuments, religious buildings, houses, etc. of a particular place.

Quality Information

Television can be a great medium to impart your general knowledge in an entertaining manner. The kids in the today's age are going to consume a lot of media on the internet. A habit of watching channels like Discovery, National Geographic etc. as well educational broadcasts on Doordarshan can greatly help in expanding your general knowledge.

Dining Table Debates

Discussions or debates at home on a dining table, during meals or tea-time, is an encouraging move to enhance your knowledge skills. Many kids with excellent general knowledge who themselves take a lot of interest in world events and involve themselves in detailed discussions over a variety of topics. Talk about the important events happening around you, be a part of the discussions in which your own capacities are enhanced and if you have any doubt or any type of question than clear all your doubts and find out the answer to all your questions. A family where ideas are exchanged freely is a great opportunity for you to learn new things and it really helps to open up your minds.


Purchase audiobooks.

Although audiobooks are no substitution for reading, they do permit you to gain access to a wealth of general knowledge while performing other tasks like commuting to work or exercising. Audiobooks will also help to increase your vocabulary, a different way to process information, and the ability to achieve a higher level of understanding. Audiobooks often include commentary by the author, providing you with additional insight into how ideas formed for the book or reasoning behind certain scenes. This information will not only expand your general knowledge on the content of the book but also the writing process and author’s thoughts. Try to listen to these audio books instead of in place of listening to music, try to substitute a good audiobook from time to time.

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