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How to Improve Your Behavior

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Make good friends improve your behavior.

Your friend circle is always effective in every phase of a life. Especially, in your school time, your friends will have a big influence on your behavior. If your friends are cutting up in class, getting in trouble, and joking around, it'll make it a lot more difficult for you to be on your best behavior. Always try to make friends who want to succeed in school, who are well-behaved, and who are fun to hang out with. Look to the quiet kids and try to hang out with them at recess, or sit with someone you don't normally talk to during lunch.

                                                  Don't be afraid to tell your friends that you can't sit next to them because you don't want to get in any trouble. If your friends are true friends, they'll understand your desire to avoid getting into trouble and support you. But if you want to behave in class, it's very important that you learn to relax and pay attention to stay on task. The best way to do this is to focus on your work. This will definitely effect on you and its result is shown on your behavior.


Get enough sleep before school.

If you do not take a proper sleep then it impacts directly seen in your behavior. Because, if you are not taking enough sleep before your school, then you are feeling tired and it can make you more irritated and more prone to misbehavior, even you also feeling sleepy in your class. Being tired also makes it the lot more difficult to learn anything effectively. If you get a full night sleep, though, you'll be more active to meet the day and pay attention in class. So please try to take at least sleep 8-10 hours every day.

                                   A sleep study at the Harvard Medical School concluded that more sleep means better memory retention. When they asked students to memorize a series of random words, so students who take a proper sleep rather than other students have more scored on the test. If you want to improve your behavior and your grades, get more rest.


Talk to your parents or guardian.

If you find any issue then please talk to your parents. If you are admitting that you have an issue does not mean you are a bad person. Even this is a very good quality that you recognize you have a problem. And there are many reasons due to which you may have behavioral issues. Your parents can do a lot of help to sort out your behavior issue when you tell them exactly what is the problem or symptoms you have faced, which effects on your behavior, they will suggest you the solutions according to that. Challenge programs and other kinds of alternatives may be a better fit for you if you're struggling with your behavior. Talk to your parents about the possibility of switching schools. If you are still facing the same issue, then talk to a guidance counselor at your current school they will definitely help you. If you try these approaches, this will be really helpful to improve your behavior.


Extracurricular activities also help to make your behavior better.

Your good behavior shouldn't only begin and end in the classroom. Most schools have a selection of extracurricular activities you can sign up for. By devoting yourself to your extracurricular, you'll have an opportunity to enlarge your circle of friends (in terms of both students and faculty members) and develop a reputation as a hard worker. You can go for any type of extracurricular activities for an example Sports teams, Musical ensembles or bands, Vocal groups, Plays or musicals, Special interest clubs (debate, cooking, robotics) etc, you can select according to your interest.  This is a very useful approach to improve your behavior, please try to implement this in your daily life.


Listen attentively to your teacher.

This is the simplest and easy part for others to view your behavior. When a teacher, principal or other school official is speaking, be sure to listen to them carefully. Listen even if they're not speaking to you directly (for instance, at an assembly). If you listen intently, she will notice you and begin to think of you as a good student. Please avoid asking your teacher to re-explain things they've just explained in great detail just for fun or to gain her attention or else you may frustrate or anger them. If you really want to ask something then, wait for a moment when you can approach your teacher one-on-one and say something like, "I'm sorry, I think I need a little more help understanding how to do this." Your attentive nature really helps to create a great impact regarding your behavior.

Keep your expectations consistent with every situation.

Try to stay strong and do not change expectation for every different situation whether you are going to school, church, or the grocery store. Refer back to your written list of expectations before every new event to ensure that you know what is expected. For example, if you have set a “no tantrums” policy, then never give up in any situation. Follow through with whatever consequences you have set. Never modify your expectations in any situation; otherwise, you are pushing your limits whose result it comes out in the form of by misbehaving. Your consistent nature will help you to find a solution how can you behave in certain situations

A role model is a key factor for your good behavior

Sometimes you see that when your parents meet with someone, every time they treat them with too much respect. This is not because of any magic, it happens because of their good behavior, or due to their friendly nature. Make your parents your role model and try to develop such qualities in yourself. Always use positive attitude in your behavior. Developing such qualities is really beneficial for you to improve your behavior.

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