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How to Improve the Brain Power of Children

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1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast :-

Children's day starts with breakfast.We have to make sure that they get a healthy breakfast. A healthy  breakfast means that all Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals, Carbohydrate,Sulfur, Iron, Phosphate, or all other elements are in sufficient quantity in food which make our body organ stronger. In healthy breakfast we can take green vegetables, fruit juice, milk etc. because our body is made from these elements. Healthy breakfast  fulfill them and protects us from getting sick, so a healthy breakfast is very important to stay fit. And if kids are avoiding breakfast, then whatever activities they do in their daily lives are affected and they can not do their work well, so start the day with a healthy breakfast to keep yourself physically fit and if they are physically fit, their mind will be completely fresh and their brain will improve.

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2. Keep your brain healthy with physical activity :- 

It is very important for children to do physical activity, so they have a proper blood circulation. Body activities means the actions that are done in daily life by running , exercising  which is properly circulate the oxygenated blood in our body and it reaches the brain very well, which helps our brain stay active, so children need to take special care that they can keep their brain active by doing physical activity.


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3. Think positively with positive attitude :-

Children of small classes often go towards negative thinking and if they think negative, their brain power will gradually decrease and in this case if they adopt positive thinking  then they will find a solution of problems on every side. As an example, if two children quarrel with each other then there will be negative thinking towards each other so that they can not solve any problem and the tension of the fight will remain in their mind throughout the day. Therefore, all their day's work will be disturbed, so children should always think in a positive side.instead, if the children do not fight, they solve each other's problems then they become problem solver by not being the problem creator. Therefore always think positive so that it can help in improving their brain.

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4. Focus on one task at a time :-

It is very important for children that when they are studying  their attention should be  in one place, If their attention remains in one place at one time, it will help to understand  and remember  the things for a long time, if their focus will not there at the same place, then they have to face a lot of problems in understanding. Therefore the children will have to keep in mind that if they do any work they should concentrate fully on it at that time  by which they will understand these things well and able to reach those things to their brain and brain will be able to remember those things for a long time.


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5. Increase your brain power by reading :-

When children read as much as possible, new information from study starts appearing. As example if they reads any  subject, motivational story or book of  their interest, then their brain power improves or we can say that the speed of the brain increases and when we understand and read more about something then we start thinking  new ideas about that,due to which our brain can remember any thing for a long time.


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6. Play the games that involve our body parts :-

It is very important for children to move their body parts. The body parts moves  and cordinate with mind which helps in keeping the brain active. Chess, Crossword Puzzle, Badminton are such games that can strengthen their brain power. The brain is also active with body parts from these games and the brain controls our functions.

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7. Sleep capacity enhances brain power :-

It is necessary  for children to take continuous 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Disturbed sleep weaken the brain and our brain is not able to properly relax. According to a research at the Oxford University, younger children need more sleep and children older than 10 years of age need 6 to 8 hours of sleep. If we are doing some physical work for a long time then we feel tired and after that we need rest. In the same way, brain also needs rest so that it can refresh and help in getting active.


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These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, then it is very important, in such a way, they can Improve the Brain Power of Children


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