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How to Improve the Behaviour of Children

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Here we will discuss how children can improve their behavior or how their parents and teachers can help them.Correcting behavior is very important for the children, if the behavior of the children is not good then gradually all of their things will get worse because behavior is for entire life, whether they are at home, at school or at  any family celebration, the way the children behave affect their work.If behavior is not good then children have to face problems everywhere. How children can improve their behavior and how their parents can help them. We will discuss some points which children can implement to improve their behaviour.


1. Create positive environment at home :- Parents should keep the environment of their home positive, because children's behavior starts from home, then the kind of environment they will get in the house, they will behave same outside so when parents talk at home, they should be taken care of how they are presenting themselves or how they to talk to each other. If parents fight  then the child starts feeling uncofertable slowly  and it seems to be irritable, because its direct effect falls on the child because of that  his behavior becomes the same. That's why the environment of the home is should be good where all people lovingly help each other. In the same way, children should also work together with the parents to maintain the synergy between the children and the parents.The teachers should also take care of this because the things the children see, they do same things in life,that's why parents have a special responsibility to keep their home environment positive, do not fight and  use abusing  language, which will make children's behavior even better.



2. Appreciate children's efforts :- Parents and teachers should be praised them for the good work of the child, because when children work on any project or assignment or other activity, firstly share with their parents. Parents are also obliged to observe  their children because the child's mind does not develop as much in that age to do all the work well. Therefore, child should be get praised so that increase their capacity to do that work even better. If the child is not get praised and he is ignored then a negative effect is seen in the child's mind. Because of which the child feels that what he is doing is right or not so if children not do any work well then do not ignore them and tell them how to do that work well. This will increase the child's internal confidence and from time to time, make children realize that you are proud of them so they will not feel lonely. Always keep praising child's work and keep on motivating so that their behavior remains good.



3. Be open mind with your children's thought,values,feeling and ideas :- Parents should be open with their children to know  their ideas and feelings, so that they can talk to their parents openly what they want to do. Whenever you have to understand or  make understand the child, then you have to become like a child. so that the child's feelings can reach you. If there is a thought in the mind of a child, like thinking about someone good or bad, then he keeps his problem in front of you so you can explain it with good example.We can know the ideas of child that what he think about anyone. Tell children their values according to their age so that they always know that their values are very important. If you mix well with the child, then the child shares all their problem with you and this will make good bonding between you and the child, by which behavior is naturally improve. There is a lot of efforts to correct the behavior that children can not do alone.


Be open mind with your children



4. Look seriously on children's interest :- Parents should first try to observe their children, see that in which field  they showing the highest interest. If any child is interested in academics, studies or sports and if he can do that work better, so noticeing that thing is very important. if child is doing a good job then their teachers and parents understand him and look closely that how child can make that thing even better and child will feel that I am getting a support in work, which makes the child more confident and the behavior starts to become good too. instead of this if the parents do not show interest in the child's interest, then the child's behaviors get negative for their parents. Therefore, parents should take the interest of their children seriously and support  them.



5. Make good friends :- Children should always make good friends,it means how is children outside their home with friends.How is their friends.Make sure their friends are not taking him in wrong direction, no one is doing anything that will cause problems for them in the future. Like if children make such friends who miss guide him or ask to bunk from school .do not make such friends. You should make friends who keep you away from the wrong things and let tell you about the right things. It is said that children become the same as their company. If their friends are good then they will be good and they will behave well with others and present themselves nicely  to others. if  their friends teaching them the wrong things then the child's behavior starts to worsen. Therefore, it is important for the children to keep in mind that if they do not know about good and bad friends, then discus with their parents  for this, teachers and parents have to take special care to ensure that how is their children's friends cirlce and by noticing it, they have to explain that these things are right or wrong for them. Only after their understanding we can change their behavior.



6. Be responsible :- When children are doing any responsibility or studying or they are fulfilling that project they have been given, at the time, they must completes that work on time and presents to teacher such a way  that teacher wil proud on them and teacher tries to tell very good things to them and children get a very good support. If the children do not do this then their parents or teachers do not tell them many things to showing the right path. That's why children should be especially careful that whenever they are given any work, they should do by heart. After that, if there is a problem, then share it with the parents and the teacher, which will bring a lot of improvement in their behavior.



7. Try to make happy everyone :- Always try to keep children, parents and teacher happy, because these three are attached to each other and if they try to keep happy then no one will try to hide anything from each other and in such a way the improvement will happen. In this way a child should try to keep his parents happy. A teacher can keep the child happy by giving good information, so parents should also try to keep their children happy. This does not mean that they should be given more exemption and they will get worse. Only an effort should be made to keep them happy so that they can share their stories with their parents and present themselves properly.



These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, then it is very important, in such a way, they can change the behavior of children very well.


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