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How to improve physical fitness of children

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Physical fitness is very important for children so that they are always fit and healthy and when children are fit and healthy, their daily activities such as studies, games or housework are not affected. While being physically unfit, children have to face many problems and their daily activities are also affected.It is said that "Health is wealth", therefore, children need to be physically fit.

To keep children physically fit, we have made a few points to keep children healthy, keeping these points in mind children can stay healthy


1. Exercise regularly in the morning :- It is important for children to exercise in the morning to keep themselves fit because the oxygen level is highest in morning because of which oxygen is easily accessible to blood and organs during breathing and  helps your body to stay fit. Instead the children who do not exercise in morning, their body organs do not work well, which makes them fatty and many diseases have to be faced, therefore regular exercise should be done in the morning.


2. Eat more fruits and vegetables in breakfast :- Children should consume more fruits and vegetables in their breakfast because of the elements that come from them like proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins  provide energy efficiently to every organ of your body which makes you physically fit. Apart from this, children who do not take vitamins and minerals, due to lack of them, many diseases occur. Because of which they can not stay physicaly fit  therefore fruits and vegetables should be taken in excess quantity.


3. Avoid eating fast food :- It is very important for children to avoid fast food in their daily routine or try to reduce them  because  fast food do not contain vitamins, carbohydrate, minerals, sulfur, iron  properly. These are only high fat content, which leads to many diseases and your health starts getting worse. Therefore, avoiding junk food and add oats, brown rice, green vegetable, nut butter etc. in the breakfast so that it will keep you healthy and fit.



4. Drink more water and less sugar drinks :- As we all know that our body is made up of 60% water, therefore our body needs more water. By increasing the intake of water, the elements that are in water like hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, magnesium sodium etc. reach to all organs of the body.Water help in digestion and keep organs clean and kidney is healthy too from which we can avoid many diseases. Try to reduce the amount of cold drinks and sugar drinks because they contain acid's amounts which harm body parts.



5. Keep yourself fit by jogging and dancing :- When kids do activities like jogging and dancing, they move their body parts so that all their organs work properly and their muscles, bones remain active and when whole organs remain active they are perfectly fit.



6. Get enough sleep :- It is very important for children to take a proper sleep and children should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours so that they can feel physically relaxed and refresh to increase the capasity of  their work.If the child does not sleep well, then their daily rouitine work  disturb and they will not be able to do the work in a better way or the results will be not good. Therefore, children need good sleep to stay physically fit.



7. Spend your time playing outdoor games :- Play as many games as possible to move all our body parts. Because of playing such games our body has good circulation of blood  and the muscles work well. Instead, there are some children who sit at home and use TV and social media more. In such a way, their body does not move properly so their energy and capacity decreases gradually over there and they can not physically fit themselves. Therefore, children should avoide such activity and pay more attention to outdoor games so that their body remains fit and their capability can be improved gradually.




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