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How to improve Child’s Reading Skills

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Make Sure Your Child is Well-Rested and Well-Nourished

Learning is hard work so it is necessary that your child have everything that they need to make the progress that they deserve. Plenty of fruit, veggies and protein in their diet will also help to ensure stable energy levels and enhanced concentration.


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Provide the right kinds of book

Make sure your child gets lots of practice reading books that aren't too hard. She should recognize at least 90 percent of the words without any help. Considering their reading levels, provide your kids, books and magazines and put the books in bedroom, living room, near the TV and even in the car to help them get tempted.


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Have him read aloud

Every day is great opportunities to develop reading skills. Forces him to go slower for reading, which gives him more time to process what he reads, which improves reading knowledge. Plus, he's not only seeing the words, he's hearing them, too. You can also take turns reading aloud.


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Take an Interest and Reading together

A One of the best ways that a parent can monitor his or her child’s reading development and progress is by meeting with the teachers. Read with your child and take an Interest in your children reading. Children really want to spend time with their parents. Encourage reading activities.


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Track your child’s progress and reading problems

When you are trying to improve reading skills of your child, it becomes very important that you track the progress of your child in this field and be knowledgeable. Find the reading problems of your children. Track the improvement in standardized tests and gradually increase the level of reading as well.


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Rohit Lalwani

Rohit Lalwani

Tuesday, Jan 02, 2018 at 10:06

Very useful post, i have taken tips from this tutorial and now my child has a very beautiful hand writing.