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How to improve child’s Memory and Focus Power

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Child memory and focus skills are things that divide children into different categories, like some children understand work, learn or remember quickly. But some children take too much time to understand, learn and remember the same thing. The only reason for which is their focus skill and memory power. If The amount of memory and  focus power is good on any work then its results will be as good as that. So children keep their memory power and focus skills sharp and improved. For this, we have made such points with the help of which can improve memory power and focus skills.


1. Good  environment for study :-

Children begin with studies and mostly their focus and memory power are used in study. Children should choose a place that is completely peaceful and with positive  atmosphere.  Children's focus power and memory will be used properly by doing this and the children's proper focus will be in one place, so they will be able to remember anything. Apart from this, if children are studying in such a place where there is crowd or many people do different types of work, the focus of children will not be on one place. Because of which they will not be able to remember anything for a long time nor will they keep their focus in one place. Therefore it is very important for the children to keep their focus on one place in order to better understand anything.


memory-and-focus-skills001 image


2. Dividing big task in small task :-

Whenever any work is given to children.Children see that work together, when the children see any work together, the ability to do that work seems less to them, So that their proper focus is not on that work and they are afraid of doing that work. Instead, when children divide a task into small task, then they do that with their entire focus or whole interest. When children do any work with the whole interest, then they have full use of memory power. When children's memory power is fully utilized, the focus power and memory power gradually improves.



3. Take active break :-

After every  fix time the children have to break for a short time because  whenever any work is given to children, such as work related to studies or any other task, if they do that work for a long time then their full focus is not consistent on that work because it is not easy for children to focus on anything for a long time. By doing that work, they start feeling a displeasure so neither their focus will be good on them nor their memory will be used fully. Apart from this, whenever the children rest for some time after a fixed time rather than continuously working for long periods, the things they have read or understood will be remembered for a long time so  children should take short break after a fixed time and start work again instead of a long time, doing this helps in improving their focus power and memory.



4. Eat healthy food and sleep well :-

It is important for the children to keep themselves healthy, they need to eat healthy foods to be healthy. We should eat food in which there is plenty of Minerals, Vitamins, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fats, Calcium, Phosphate, so that they can keep their body fit, because these things make our body and if these things will continue to be available in adequate quantities then we will be healthy and only when we are healthy, we can properly focus on anything or use our memory properly. Apart from this, children should complete their sleep in adequate quantity. Sleep should be about 6 to 8 hours and if the children do not sleep enough, their focus will not be on the day-to-day tasks or  they will sleep in class or do some such activity because of that there will be no better focus on the things which are being studied  and explained there and those things will not even remember them well. Because of this, children should properly complete their sleep and include healthy food in their daily life.


memory-and-focus-skills004 imagememory-and-focus-skills005 image


5. Set the time to complete the goal :-

When children make their own goals, their mind alerts itself  for all things  related to doing that work and the things related to that and the process  that they have to do, all things are already determined. When all the things related to those things are already determined, then the children feel more ability to do that work. Whereby their full focus will be on that. Here, their memory power will also be used well.Instead, children who do not set their goals, take that work very lightly, and when children take any work lightly, then they can not do that work well and unable to  give 100% to that work.So their focus will not be good and when the child's focus is not good then their memory power will not be used too much, thus their things will get spoiled. So children should set their goal properly before doing any work that they want.


Set the time to complete the goal




6. Play memory games :-

Children's memory and focus power is not only affected by the works related to studies, there are many fields other than studies, many places where children can improve their memory power and focus skills. That's why children should play more games where they can use their more memory or focus.Because whenever children play games, their entire focus is on their work or that game with the whole interest.If that happens then those things will be remembered for a long time and if any thing remembers for a long time then memory power is improves. Therefore, children should play more games such as crossword puzzle,chess, badminton etc.  are such games which related to children's interests.


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These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, then it is very important, in such a way, In this way, memory and  focus power of children can be improved.



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