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How to improve child’s Memory and Focus Power

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Good environment for study

Physical comfort can play an important role in an individual’s capacity to sustain attention. When it comes to studying, sitting at a desk on a hard chair with a lamp may not be the most comfortable setting. Some children do best sitting on their beds but the floor is best for study. While this technique may not increase test scores, it is likely to increase the amount of time that your child can tune into work effectively.


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Divide a Big Task into Small Tasks

Studying an entire chapter in one go is quite difficult for a child. A big chapter requires too much concentration and discipline, so it would be a good idea to divide it into smaller tasks. This is not just for studies but for household chores as well. Doing small projects, which lead to the completion of a big project, give the feeling of progress and movement, making it easier to focus. A small task seems easier to carry through.


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Take active breaks

Stretching and breathing techniques can help increase your child’s focus. Take a five or ten minute exercise break. Some physical activity, like playing, running or some sports, between study and tasks, would supply a way to vent out extra energy. This would help the child to be made it easier focus.


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Eat healthy

Sweets, chocolates, ice-creams and other junk food might be tempting but makes your mind restless and body lethargic. And naturally, your mind is everywhere except your books. Eating junk food or food rich in sugar makes a child sluggish while food rich in proteins such as almonds, eggs and lean meat have the ability to raise awareness and increase concentration levels. Avoid food with too much spice or sugar and reduce the intake of fried and junk food. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and salads in your diet.


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Sleep well

If children do not sufficient sleep, their ability to focus will wane. Brain needs sleep and seven to eight hours is a must. If an old mattress keeps them problem all night, get rid of it and replace it with a comfortable one. You will find that once you solved the problem, your child can get restful sleep every night and their ability to concentrate is greatly improved.


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Teach setting goals and Set Time for the Completion of a Goal

One of the best ways to improve your child’s concentration is to set goals. Teach them how to set goals for themselves so that they can complete their tasks and projects and accomplish their goals. With your guidance, your child can set goals and Set the time for completing a goal, like ten minutes, twenty minutes, etc. This might force the kid to focus, so as to finish the goal within the time limits. This can motivate them a great job. You should be careful with this, since some children might find setting time limits too pressurizing, and this could cause them anxiety and disturb their focus.


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Play a memory game

You can train and strengthen a child's ability to focus by playing games that require thinking. Memory games are also another great way to increase your child’s ability to concentrate. Practice these skills through working on memory challenges together such as performing mental mathematical operations and manipulating mathematical facts.


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