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How to Improve a Child's Concentration

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Keep a Healthy Diet

Children have a relatively higher intake of highly processed foods, sugary foods and saturated fats. Studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and veggies will help your child’s brain functions. We all know a good diet is important, particularly amongst growing children, but diet also has a profound effect on energy levels and concentration skills as well as health and weight. Foods that have food coloring in them may increase hyperactivity in children. Parents are, therefore, advised to avoid these foods.


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Set Daily Routines

Having a routine is a great thing as your child understands that there is a time for everything (time for chores, sleep, homework, etc.). Outlining a clear routine for your child will help them to realize what activity is coming up and what time to expect breaks. Having a ritual of things for your child to do will help him get into a pattern, and these patterns will help your child to know what is supposed to happen next. Figure out a regular routine that will suit you and your child.


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Control the use of television and electronics

Experts have it that children who are over two years of age should only be allowed to watch TV for two hours a day, while children who are under the age of two should not watch TV at all. The same rules should be applied to your older children because too much TV and electronics can prevent them from doing intellectual and physical activities like, reading, doing homework, playing outside, and interacting with friends and with family.


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Exercise Physically and Mentally

Both physical and mental exercise is of great importance to help improve the concentration of your child. Exercise helps the brain stay oxygenated which in turn keeps the brain sharp. For mental exercises, you can try playing board games that encourage your child to focus and think strategically. Guessing games or even allowing them to help you cook by reading or following recipes. For physical exercise, it has been scientifically proven that children that do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day are more likely to do well in school, focus better and generally be more positive. Play concentration boosting games.


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Help children in School Homework

Don’t be an absentee homework parent. When your child comes home from school with homework, Have your child sit down with his homework and start working on it. Reward him after homework or turn it into a game, where if they get a certain amount of answers right they get a prize. The quality time with you and the joy that you put into the act of doing homework will make them concentrate better.




Praise More than You Criticize

Praising your child is very important. Avoid criticizing your child unnecessarily especially for losing concentration. When you notice that your child’s concentration is drifting, try to bring him back to his senses without criticizing them.


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Sleep is good for Concentration

Most children concentrate better after a good nine hours sleep, so ensuring they take the time for this can make a world of difference. Establish a designated bed time at an early age so they get into a regular routine, and try to stick to it.


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