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How to Develop Child's Character

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Set an example

You're probably the person your preschooler sees and imitates the most. So it's up to you to model politeness, sharing, and patience. Set your own example for your child. Your child is follow you and he/she went to become like you.


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A hug a day keeps the doctor away

Hugging your child every day is the best brain booster he can get. Affection triggers happy hormones which tell the brain that all is well you’re protected and loved now you can relax and learn. A child, whose brain doesn’t receive this message, is constantly and destructively on the move ready to fight or cower away. Animal studies by Research, showed that mice whose moms licked them often, grew better physically and their brains grew more too. Mouse licking can be likened to hugging in humans.


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Encourage play

Play is a huge influence on a child's development. Doctor says giving kids time to play is key to helping your child's personality blossom. Play helps kids develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. It teaches them to work in groups, settle conflicts, develop their imagination, and try on different roles. When kids play, they practice decision-making, learn to stand up for themselves, create, explore, and lead.

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Set boundaries

Many people confuse discipline with punishment. Discipline means you teach your child how to be safe and how to behave. A child isn’t born with a rulebook in his head; he needs you to teach him how to behave like a person how to sit and to walk; how to eat and to wash and dress him; how to wait and to share; how to speak and say please and thank you. Teaching your child how to be safe and how to behave also means you have to say no. It develops their confidence to know what is okay and what isn’t. Learning the meaning of the words no and stop is a good way to prevent hyper activity.


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Plan family activities

They offer you scope to pass on your standards and expectations of good moral character to your child in a very basic way. A family picnic can not only promote extraordinary bonding, it also provides the child with the courage and the self confidence to adopt the maxims of good moral character.


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Choose a good school

Choosing the right school for your child isn’t always easy. The best school is the one that values the same things as you do. Find a preschool where the children are happy and the art on the walls is clearly the children’s own work. Choose a school where they speak the same language as the primary school your child is going to. Make sure the TV isn’t on all the time and that the teachers are ready with a smile and a hug every morning.


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