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How to develop child's character

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It is very important for the child to be very strong in the character because it works everywhere in children's life. The goodness of the character in children means that they have developed qualities and values. The character is a set of values and qualities which gives shape to our thought, action, reaction and feeling, thinking, understanding, action-reaction,feeling and good response of the children is only identification of a strong character.If children do not have good character  neither they will  able to develop values within themselves nor able to take  good decisions in their  life or good thought for someone. Because of which their  character will get spoiled. Therefore it is very important to have good character in children.There are many ways to implement.We will explain you some points from them. By Understanding them children can make their character strong.


1. Be positive and self-confident :- Children must first keep their thinking positive and have faith in themselves to strong  the character.It starts the beginning of the child's ability to do somethins.By trusting  yourself the self values are realized. Because of which the children's character becomes good. On the contrary, children who keep negative thinking or do not rely on themselves then their own things start getting worse. Because of not believing themselves they do not recognizing their own quality.



2. Be honest, polite and good listener :- It is very important for the children that they always remain honest and polite for their work so that their work habits can be good and better. With this, they should also develop the ability to listen well so that they can understand anything by listening well. It also brings good results and produces good character.Istead, the children who do not listen to their work well and do not remain honest and humble, they can never do any of their work perfectly and take the help of hasty and lies to correct their work. They make excuses for getting work worse, because of which gradually their character get worse therefore always remain honest and polite with your own things.


3. Be updated about new things :- Children should always try to connect with new things.Whether it is motivational, inspirational or anybody's success or failure book or technology or any new updates, so that they can learn something from them and they can implement them in their character. If the child does not aware with new technology or new update then their character can not be good. Try to connect with good people to make characters strong and try reading good books so that your character can be good.




4. Make good judgement :- It is necessary for the children to take  good judgment because children who try to correct themselves by learning from their mistakes make them a good decision maker. Their character also becomes good. Children who do not learn from their mistakes nor do others, all their work starts getting worse. Because of which they can not take good decision, always remain confuse. So taking good decisions make children's character becomes stronger.



5. Choose a good role model :- It is very important for children to choose a role model for themselves and try to adopt their quality or goodness. Such role models can be Swami Vivekanand ji or Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam ji .Children who do not choose a role model for themselves, they will not be able to develop their inner qualities, because of which children can not become a strong character.



6. Be patience in a difficult situation :- We know that many difficult situation come in front of children. Children who have patience  in that time in such a situation or do not panic or scare then those children in a simple way  get rid of such difficulties with a good solution.But those children who lose their control due to fear in such a situation, instead of doing something  good they made mistakes. Because of which they can not make a good decision. Therefore, children should always keep patience in such a situation so that they can improve and make themselves better.



7. Give respect to others :- Children should always  respect with their little ones and their elders so that they get similar kind of love and respect. With this, their character goes well. Instead children who do not respect other but want to get respect from all but they did not get good response because there is a saying that Give Respect and Take Respect. That's why children should  give respect to all so that their character can be good.



8. Have a strong sense of responsibility :- It is very important for the children that they try to do all the tasks related to their studies, home, and sport with full responsibility, so everyone can happy with them so they get praise for good work from all. This will help them to become very strong character. Children who do not play their responsibilities well, they can not do well in any field nor other people are happy with them and they do not get any praise from anyone. The character of such children gradually gets worse. Therefore, children should try to play their responsibilities well to make their character stronger.



These are such points, if parents, teachers and children able to implement them or remember them, in such a way, they can develop the character of children very well.


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