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Payumoney app

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What is Payumoney app?

PayU pay the money provided by India is a payment gateway service. This is not a hoax. This is in line with an independent payment gateway PayPal is a service provided to the customer. You do not have the budget to pay for the initial setup fee, so PayU Money is the best choice.

PayU Money is a leading India, which began operations in October 2011 and since then the online payments space has become the fastest growing payment processors in consumer online payment Solutions Company. As of now, PayU Money claims to have on board more than 1,200 merchants.


How to download and install Payumoney app?

1. Go on your mobile Google play store on your android smart phone.

2. Type in search box Payumoney and search it.

3. Click on pop up for download.

4. After download click install it.


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How does PayU Money App work?

1. So here’s how PayU Money processes the transactions on your store.

2. Customer A buys the product from your store and makes a payment.

3. PayU Money receives the payment on your behalf and sends you (the store owner) a notification about the same.

4. After receiving the notification, you dispatch the product to customer A.

5. Customer A receives the products.

6. You enter the Order Received details on your PayU Money Merchant Portal.

7. PayU Money sends a notification to Customer A to confirm order received.

8. PayU Money waits for customer to confirm delivery of the products for a period of 3 days. As soon as customer confirms, payment is transferred to your (the store owner’s) bank account. If customer doesn’t cofirm within the 3 days, PayU Money still transfers the payment to your account, at the end of 3 days.


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Why does PayU Money release payment only after they receive a confirmation from the customer?

1. In India, the payment gateway space is rather complicated; having a registered business and all makes it complicated. Two of the major pains of getting a payment gateway are:

2. Loads of paperwork needed to get a registered payment gateway for your business

3. High turnaround time after you have sent in your papers. It takes about 15-30 days to completely activate all payment options on your site...

4. Hats off to PayU Money for having saved all of us from these trials. They are taking a big risk on your part, to accept payments online without much documentation.

5. And that is why, by releasing a payment only after the customer acknowledges delivery of the product, they are making sure no fraudulent activities take place through their payment gateway.


How to using Payumoney app for Transfer payu to bank account?

1. Recharge under the tab bar, select Options.

2. Your Payu points and press Enter to fix the same amount.

3. Select wallet Payu.

4. Then select the payment option PayUmoney.

5. Input your registered number and email PayUmoney.

6. Now input the password.

7. Select Use Payu Money Issue.

8. Then select the payment confirmation button.

9. Your money will be added shortly freeb wallet.

10. Come back and let's transfer application for transfer on the bank tab and tap Select.

11. Then select IMPS and name, bank name, account number and account details, such as the ban under pressure from the money the send button.

12. Your money will be added to your bank account shortly.


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