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Gmail App

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What is Gmail application?

Gmail April 1, 2004, started as a limited beta release 7 July 2009 slipped out of beta status.

Gmail (pronounced G-Mail) is a free web-based e-mail service is currently being tested on Google with one gigabyte of storage for messages and offers users the ability to search for specific messages are. Gmail program also automatically gradual related messages in the thread of a conversation held.

The complaint was prompted due to Gmail, and search capability for any lack. The two largest Web e-mail providers, Yahoo and Microsoft, two of those four megabytes and megabytes, respectively, allow the messages to be stored. Both services charge for additional storage. Yahoo Mail offers a search capability; Microsoft's Hotmail service is not.

Gmail saves you time and keep your messages safe, easy to use email application. , Make your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online and offline, and quickly find any message.


How to Download and install Gmail application?

1. Go on your mobile Google play store.

2. Type in search box Gmail app and search it.

3. Click on pop up for download.

4. After download click install it.


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How to use Gmail application?

1. Open Gmail app in your mobile phone.

2. There is a menu button of your Android device, please go to Gmail for Android 4 chapters.

3. Android allows for multiple Gmail accounts. You only have one, then of course that will show the Gmail app, tap the account name at the top of the screen, otherwise you can change the Gmail account.

4. If the middle of the screen, select one or more email, just tap an empty square on the left side of the actions to perform. After selecting the Actions menu at the bottom will give you the following choices:

5. Archive, delete, change labels.

6. If you press the menu button, you will find additional actions as shown in the right screen.

7. Then tap the Menu button when you are on the Inbox, then select the type. After you've chosen composition action, you will see the bottom right of the screen. Just fill in the subject and write the message envelope + arrow farms then tap to send it over the top.


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How to delete Gmail app?

1. Google Account Settings.

2. Data tools page.

3. Click Delete the account management products.

4. Gmail permanently delete a product, click on the.

5. Make sure Yes, I permanently delete and remove it from your Google account like. Is checked under you want to erase?

6. An email address account you are closing down the new primary email address associated with the address, enter from.

7. Under current password to your Gmail password enter.

8. Click Remove Gmail.

9. In your new e-mail address designated as "" from "Gmail removal confirmation" email open.

10. Follow this link deletion.

11. Under Password, type your Gmail password.

12. Click Verify.

13. Your Gmail app is deleting.


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