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Facebook App

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What is Facebook?

An interactive software application developed to utilize the core technologies of the Facebook platform to create an extensive social media framework for the app.  Facebook Apps integrate Facebook's News Feed, Notifications, various social channels and other features to generate awareness and interest in the app by Facebook users.

The name of a social networking site (SNS) that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, post photos, share links and exchange other information. Facebook users can see only the profiles of confirmed friends and the people in their networks.


How to download and install Facebook app?

1. Open your mobile google play store.

2. Search Facebook.

3. Click download and install.


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How to use Facebook app?

1. Open Facebook and enter id and password.

2. Click on login to enter.

3. Now click on chat for chatting with your family and friends.

4. You can comments, likes on the photos, videos and post.

5. You can also share post, photos, videos and chats.

6. You make new friends and do invite for chat.

7. You can upload new photos and videos of your profile.


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How to protect yourself on Facebook?

1. Do not place your personal information on your Facebook profile.

2. Be careful when placing photographs of you or your children on Facebook.

3. Do not accept unknown Friend Requests.

4. Do not leave your mobile phone on with your Facebook account open.

5. Be careful not to provide too much information.

6. Think about who you add.

7. Be smart about your password and don't share it.

8. Protect your mobile device.

9. Set Strong Privacy Settings.

10. Don't Post any Contact Information on Your Profile.

11. Don't Ever Post Your Location or That You Are Home Alone.

12. Be Smart About What You Post.


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How to safe your Facebook account from hackers?

1. Create Strong Password.

2. Sign Out after use.

3. Change your password once every six months.

4. Do not share your Facebook password with anyone.

5. Avoid using the “remember password” feature on mobile phone.


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